The most reliable and consistent solution for all dring and heating needs at the school or research laboratory. Laboratory forced air oven is the traditional yet perfect solution for your research needs.

If you are working in a Laboratory, then you will understand the importance of the ovens that are used for drying, heating, dehydrating the simplest particles to the most complex applications. These ovens are integral part of any laboratory process. Over the years many models and versions of these ovens have been introduced but the traditional one is still in demand.

No matter what you want to perform in these ovens whether it is material test or you want to run any complex experiment, this laboratory forced air oven provides aid to almost all the major functions. This model still stands apart from all the other existing models and one of its kind. The features and working is unmatchable and it has gentle temperature control for better functioning.

Unlike other models, the temperature can be raised up to 300 degrees, therefore it is apt for those processes that require high temperature and better air circulation inside the oven. It comes in various sizes and with various capacities ranging from 30 liters to 1060 liters. It provides forced air circulation through chamber fans inside the oven, though the phenomenon is to provide forced air circulation but still speed can easily be adjusted up to 10%.

Features of this Laboratory forced air Oven

With each passing year, developers and makers are bringing these ovens with better quality and better finishing. Keeping in mind the experience and feedback from users one or two modulations are always made in the new model. Here are some listed features of this laboratory forced air oven:

  • High-quality stainless steel is used in constructing this oven. While developing this oven the major things that they keep in mind is to corrosion resistant and easily cleanable material.
  • Looking at the changing requirements the feature of homogeneous temperature controlled has been added. And the unique part is that this temperature control is totally independent of load and volume of the chamber.
  • User interface is simple and that is why no special training is required to operate this laboratory forced air oven.

Being such a sensitive instrument of a laboratory it must comply with highest norms of safety. While buying the same do not forget to look for the terms and conditions of warranty they are offering. Few oven providers offer full warranty while some provide conditional warranties. At times by paying little extra bucks you can always extend the time and can get rid of certain conditions under warranty.

However, while buying one of these ovens for your school or research center, make sure that it complies with the norms and regulations set by the regulating body. The model you are buying must be tested on all safety measures. Buy the same only after checking all the certifications issued by the regulating body.