Australia is the land of options and opportunities. Today getting the permanent immigration to Australia from India is so beneficial due to the low population which is living here. Australia only has a staggeringly low number of 25 million people living here. This is quite low as compared to countries like India. Hence life  here is quite different.

The two main documents which are needed for getting an immigration visa for permanent resident in Australia are:

The proficiency test of English: This is the test of IELTS in English which is needed to prove that you won’t have trouble talking in this language when you reach the shores of Australia. Australia has requirements that one should get a score of at least 6 in each and every one of the IELTS exam bands for him to be chosen for the immigration to this country. When he does not have this much score, his English is not considered sufficient for him to be able to talk in this language, at least in Australia.

The skill assessment test: This test is needed because the Australian government wants to know all about your professional credentials. The candidate should have his worth of being able to get a job in this country.

The country of Australia has mandated the need for this test in every kind of permanent residency visa it needs. It’s not needed for those who have already been there in Australia at the time of applying for the permanent residency of this country. Such kind of candidates are those who have been there in Australia as per the work permit visas and hence have a valid number of years of experience along with a  job offer at the time when they put forward his immigration papers. So, a candidate vying for the visa for permanent resident in Australia can be selected as per the temporary resident transition stream and he is not needed to provide the skill assessment report. The candidate should have 2-3 years Australian experience to be eligible for the temporary resident transition scheme.

The candidate needs to have a comprehensive evaluation of the job skills as per this skill assessment test.

An expression of interest is needed by the candidate before he is able to be selected by the government of Australia. This expression of interest implies that the candidate has received 65 points after including his years of experience and years of age as revealed by the skill assessment report. Australia has many options for immigration of people here. Australia has great working schemes for everybody. Every state here as an ombudsman authority which monitors the way the public agencies work here. The duty of such an ombudsman is to monitor complaints posted by people who think that there has been a bad treatment of them by a government agency of this country. The department of immigration and border protection also comes under the purview of this ombudsman.

Permanent immigration to Australia from India becomes possible when you have professional guidance available to you.