Winning a lottery is an incomparable feeling! What is the next thing after you win? Do you prefer to travel the world, shop like crazy, or invest money in properties to attain more money in the future? No matter what your choices are, before choosing, it is important for you to take advice from experienced winners.

It doesn’t take too much time to play and win big in lottery games, whether played online or through offline retailers. However, certain rules and protocols are required to be followed by the lottery winner.

Do not expect the entire winning amount to be credited to your bank account. The winner has to undergo certain procedures after the lottery results are announced. There is a Governing Body appointed for the National Lottery (Camelot) with a special team known as “Winners Advisors”, which is delegated to the lottery winners. This team makes sure that winners take appropriate steps to safeguard their money.

Here’s how the Winners’ Advisors assist the lottery winners.

Functions of the Winners Advisors Team

Currently, there are 5 people on the team. All of them are based out of the United Kingdom. They quickly identify people who win a lottery worth 39 Lakhs (in Rupees) and pay them a visit to hand out the prizes and some financial guidance to protect them from straying away.

Measures Taken After Winners Are Identified

Once the winners are announced, they are supposed to call back on a number shared with them while buying the ticket. This is when their details are shared with the Winners Advisory team enabling them to contact the winners. They start by guiding them on how to go about the paperwork and give them tips on managing the finances in the best way possible. They also help them in getting legal advice to avoid false claims that generally emanate once others come to know about the big win. Additionally, they provide information on how other winners have planned their finances.

How Are Winners Protected?

All those who have got a chance to win lakhs of rupees in the lottery are entitled to good quality legal advice that can help them deal with the bulk amount. The team has good contacts with banks that deal with lottery money and can help the winners understand the right procedures to store the money.

The representative banks chosen by the team help the winners in opening a separate bank account. After the account is opened, the bankers help in processing a secured transaction to avoid any scrutiny.

Time Period for Which Assistance Is Offered

The time period greatly varies from person to person. While some people just prefer to take their money without taking legal advice or any sort of assistance, others want some publicity and legal advice in order to safeguard their interests. The team provides full assistance whenever the winner requires it.

National Lottery has come up with a great plan that can help lottery winners who are clueless after they have won. Not everyone is experienced enough to handle a sudden windfall of money and thus, they may end up in trouble after celebrating their victory. Hence, it is always advisable to seek legal and financial guidance in order to play and win in a safe manner.

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