Let’s accept it that digital technology has given a stern competition to the conventional methods. It has transformed every aspect of our life by providing good social connectivity, versatile working, and better learning opportunities.  With an unprecedented rise in the use of smartphones and mobile apps, most companies have gone digital with their products and services.

So, when everything is digital, why not your magazine as well?

One of the biggest advantages of going digital with your magazine is the convenience it offers. While the paper magazines can be awkward to handle and limited at times, an e-magazine can be easily carried in your smartphone and comfortably read at any moment as well as open doors to a plethora of new features.

The second perk which the e-magazine offers is its lower cost. Publishing a paper magazine could be an expensive affair. Also, apart from the publishing, its distribution cost is an additional burden on your pocket. While an e-magazine can have a global distribution. There are no geographical barriers for an e-magazine.

The third most important reason for going digital with your magazine is the ease of editing information. While it’s practically impossible in a conventional paper magazine to change things once published and distributed, in an e-magazine, the things can be manipulated or rectified at any instance.

So, now you have decided to make an InDesign magazine and publish it as a mobile app. The creative designs, beautiful graphics, navigations and transitions fascinate you and you wish to have the same in your e-magazine. While designing a print magazine in Adobe InDesign is a good option, but when it comes to an e-magazine, you need to incorporate several interactive elements to make your magazine more fascinating and user-friendly. This is essential to draw more readers.  Also, it is one of the major reasons the readers have opted your e-magazine, over a paper magazine.

Stunning designs through mag+ Designd Plugin

 Specially designed for Adobe InDesign, a the mag+ Designd plugin can make designing a magazine pretty easy. With a variety of elements in the mag+ library, you can place them at different places to make a unique layout. mag+ also provides templates that can be easily installed and customized according to your preference or you can make your own design from scratch. Whether you are making a magazine, a brochure or a blog, mag+ makes it easy to design them through their plugin. You can add audio, video and slideshows to your e-magazine without dealing with any coding. It’s like having an infinite canvas to give shape to your creativity. Adding audio, video or animation is as easy as drawing a box and clicking a button. You can also export or build HTML elements without writing any codes.

Once you are done with designing your e-magazine, you can preview it by downloading mag+ reviewer app and export it to the mag+ production tool where you can assemble your InDesign magazine. Once the assembling process is done, export the final file and upload it to publish. The published file appears in the store of your app, where the users can read your published file.

App Submission

Finally, if you wish to get your e-book published on any platform, you can use the app submission service of mag+. With the app submission service of mag+, you can submit and get your app published to the marketplace of your choice like IOS, Android, Amazon, etc.  The submitted app goes through the standard marketplace approval process. Once approved, your own e-book goes live and is available in the chosen app stores.