When you are planning to set up a pharma business then the major step to take is to take permission from the government in order to set up a generic drug store. There are many Pharma PCD Companies that also grant these permissions since they are authorized to do so. You can look for a franchise company and then select one according to your needs and then you can set up your pharma business.

What is PCD Franchise?

PCD stands for Propaganda cum Distribution. It is actually a new concept in the pharma industry and is set to revolutionize this sector as it will ensure the profit to both the company and the franchise taker. The idea behind the PCD is to provide an authorization of the company’s products, information regarding the company and the drugs, monopoly rights and other patents and other terms on which two parties have agreed for doing business. The main feature of PCD is that both the parties share their profits equally and hence a balance is well maintained between the two.

PCD is not similar to the pharma franchise. Pharma franchise is a broader concept than PCD. Pharma franchise works on big investments, big stocks of products whereas PCD is not that huge industry and requires lesser investment and consist of lesser stock than the pharma franchise. There is a huge difference between the two in terms of the area set up as a pharma franchise works on a larger area and has a vast network whereas a PCD has a setup in the smaller area and does not contain a very vast network but a reasonable one. Pharma franchise has specific targets and operates a large network by targeting its customers whereas PCD works differently and does not contain specific targets and also operates on a smaller network with no targeted customers.  

There are differences between the two in the terms of the level of operation and the scale on which both work. If you are looking to set up a pharma business you must have a clear understanding of the both in order to flourish your business. The concept of their business is the same and both are equally profitable.

Best Pharma Franchise in India:

Choosing a Best PCD Pharma company in India can offer you a planet of things when comes in terms of business and profit margins.

Apart from being the best-planned city in India, there are more than 3000 pharmaceutical firms in Chandigarh to choose from. This has possibly made it one of the leading producers of the generic drug in India. You must choose the best Franchise to start your business in Chandigarh. There are a number of good PCD pharma companies like Health kind labs, Medlock Healthcare, Sunwin Healthcare and so on to choose from. The one that met your needs must be thoroughly analyzed to work for you to attain benefits in long run.

There are plenty of PCD pharma companies in India and hence you must choose smartly to get the best one for you according to your requirements.