How to Use Your Website as Virtual Real Estate to Make Sale

The first step of developing an online presence is to set up a Website. Unfortunately, the Web is
an extremely competitive marketplace and simply setting up a Website won’t deliver you any
benefits unless people are able to find it. That’s where SEO (search engine optimization)
and social media marketing come in.

The Web is like the real world; you can buy property and set up shops. Buying a website
domain is like buying property. A popular Website domain is actually more valuable than the
most valuable real-world property. is worth billions of dollars, as is
When those companies bought their domain names, they paid $10.

That’s how every new domain starts out. You buy your little piece of internet real estate with the
hopes of increasing the value of that real estate. There’s only one factor that determines the
value of your real estate: traffic. Traffic is the number of people who visit your website. and receive hundreds of millions of visitors every day. But a new
website domain starts out receiving zero visitors every day. And that will never, ever change
unless you do several things:

1) Give people a reason to want to visit your site.

2) Make people aware that there’s a reason to visit your site

3) Make people aware that your site exists

Goal #1 is achieved by blogging, writing valuable content (articles, videos, podcasts, ebooks,
etc.), offering helpful tips, advice, etc.

Goals #2 and #3 are achieved by SEO and SMM. When someone searching for “dog training”
types that into Google and your Website appears at the top of the rankings, they have now
become aware that your site exists and that it probably has information relevant to dog training.
Thus, there’s a reason to visit your site.

Similarly, SMM taps into wherever your target market is hiding on social channels like facebook,
twitter, youtube, etc. and works to not only build awareness, but also to build a community and
establish your website as a niche authority.

To put it bluntly, a Website is utterly useless without marketing (SEO/SMM). It’s a waste of
money to build a Website and never market it. It would be like setting up shop on an abandoned
island and then hoping to get visitors and making sales.

So if you do decide to continue exploring the online world as a marketing/sales channel, then
you need to understand that it’s not a one-time shot. It’s a continual process. The only
usefulness that a Website with no marketing has is if you give people the specific link to your
website. With this method, you’ll never reach any new customers because your website will still
be on an abandoned island, unable to be found unless you specifically give people the “map” to it. Obviously, this is a very slow and tedious way to make sales, build your brand, or achieve
whatever your goal is for your online business.

SEO is like building up equity in a property. In fact, I like to call it “Google equity” because it’s a
continual process of proving to Google (and the other search engines) that your website is
worthy of being displayed at the top of the rankings for your desired keywords. There are
thousands, if not millions, of other people who would love to have their websites ranked on the
first page for their desired keywords. With that kind of competition, you’ll never reach the top
unless you actively work for it. That’s what SEO is.
In an upcoming blog post I’ll discuss the elements of SEO and how it differs from other forms of
online traffic generation.

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