Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) is a multi-super-claim to fame, quaternary consideration medical clinic with a fortunate universal staff, presumed clinicians, including super-sub-masters and strength attendants, bolstered by bleeding edge innovation. A top notch referral medical clinic, it tries to be the Mecca of Healthcare™ for Asia Pacific and past. Set on an extensive 11-section of land grounds with 1000 beds, this Next Generation Hospital™ is based on the establishment of Trust and lays on four in number columns: Talent, Technology, Service and Infrastructure. It has been acclaimed to be one of the most renowned hospitals in the country as far as the services are concerned. 

Whenever we encounter with a bad disease, we always have one contention and elongated worry in our mind that we do not have good medical service and facilities in our country but in the recent years, India has developed as far as medical facility and technology is concerned. It has emerged out to be one of the best countries as far as the medical facilities and services are concerned. And with hospitals like Fortis Memorial Research Institute, things become quite easier. The technology possessed by this hospital is at par with that is possessed by the Western Hospitals. With the technological advancement and passing time, India has emerged out to be one of the most medically advanced countries.

Preventive Health Check-up

Fortis Hospital Gurgaon has come up with a new type of health care system by the name of Health4u. This health care system is considered to be a one- go destination for patients across the world. It comprises of the diagnostic tests, consultation with renowned specialists and apart from that it also provides with a proper treatment if necessary. It is intended to offer a way of life intercessions and customized wellbeing screenings for your wellbeing. The program is run and upheld by masters and super-experts from every restorative order with an expected to convey the most noteworthy standard of Preventive Medicine for your more advantageous life.

Other Departments of the Hospital

Breast Surgery– It is a form of surgery that is performed in order to take care of anything related to breast or anything concerning the breast. The surgery is required in case of any kind of augmentation, reduction or any kind of swelling or elongated pain in the breast. This hospital comprises of a team of experts who have a great skill in regards to the breast surgery or anything related to that.

Cardiology– The cardiology department is considered to have provided with the best of services. They comprise of some of the best doctors. The team has also been accredited and acclaimed to have the best of the cardiologists of the country.

Dermatology– It is one of the most sensitive and careful issue to be dealt with. Not everyone has the acumen to detect skin disease. But Fortis Health care has made it possible by comprising of renowned dermatologists of the country. The Department of Dermatology offers an exhaustive cutting edge healthy skin diagnostics and treatment. The division gives a wide assortment of claim to fame benefits in paediatric, careful, restorative and corrective dermatology. Our specialists have effectively treated all types of distortions including skin diseases and melanoma to skin inflammation and skin related issues. Our talented methodology at skincare will undoubtedly have our patients find the endowment of gleaming skins.

General Surgery– General medical procedure division at Fortis spotlights on the strategies identified with endocrine framework, gastrointestinal tract, liver, colon, and other real pieces of the human body. A portion of the systems additionally incorporate reference section, gallbladder expulsion, colonoscopies, thyroidectomies, hernia and bariatric medical procedures. The division treats patients experiencing the illnesses including skin, delicate tissue, hernia, and injury. General medical procedure office at Fortis gives its patients bleeding edge careful consideration. The division additionally has practical experience in laparoscopic medical procedure (otherwise called key-gap medical procedure or insignificantly intrusive medical procedure).