Doctors use different therapies to help a patient suffering from cancer. Some of these therapies are traditional therapies such as Radiation therapy or radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer. Alternative therapies for cancer are also known as natural cancer therapies. Juicing is a natural therapy combined with other therapies to cure cancer and side effects caused by traditional cancer treatments.

What is juicing for cancer?

In juicing for cancer, the juice from fruits and vegetables in extracted using a blender or a juicer. You might have heard of this therapy for cancer. Fruits and vegetables contain a great amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants play an important role in fighting cancer. This is the reason why a lot of people believe that an “all-juice” diet can help in preventing and curing this deadly disease. People undergoing cancer treatments can reap many health benefits of juicing. However, they should not rely on an “all juice” diet.

While juicing gives you the best way to add fruits and vegetables to your regular diet, you should keep in mind that an “all juice” diet cannot meet all the nutrition needs of your body.

Why Consider Juicing For Cancer?

Following are the reasons why a patient suffering from cancer should consider juicing:

  • Juicing increases essential nutrients and vitamins intake.
  • Cancer or cancer treatments can cause swallowing difficulty. You can manage swallowing difficulty with juicing. In juicing, we extract essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables which is easy to swallow.
  • Doctors often instruct patients to consume a low-fiber diet before surgery or during the treatment. You are consuming a low-fiber diet when you are juicing. You are extracting juice from the skin and pulp. Both the skin and pulp of fruits and vegetables contain fiber. However, you are extracting essential nutrients only. You are not getting fiber from the skin or pulp.

Are there any risks involved in juicing?

Juicing is risk-free. However, you should not see it as a complete diet. Juicing should not be your main diet. Juicing for cancer adds most of the essential nutrients to your diet. However, it does not provide you with all the nutrients our body needs. Some nutrients are found in some specific food groups only. Your body needs these nutrients as well.

Vegetables provide you with only a small amount of protein. Your body needs more proteins to stay healthy and energized during the treatment. Juicing can provide too many calories. The total number of calories depends on the fruits and vegetables you are juicing. Fruits contain more calories than vegetables.

What is the healthy way of juicing for cancer?

Eat recommended vegetables and food servings before juicing. Use more vegetables than fruits for juicing as vegetables contain less calories as compared to fruits. Juice only one fruit to add the taste. Don’t forget meeting the protein needs of your body. You can have a cup of Greek yogurt or a boiled egg with your juice. Eat a complete and balanced diet. Juice different vegetables and fruits as not all fruits and vegetables provide you with the same nutritional benefits. You can visit a natural cancer treatment center for more details about juicing for cancer.