I recently cracked the 40K mark on my monthly sales. There’s no better feeling than seeing ungodly hours of hard work paying off. 

Before I tell you how Nine University’s KT V.I.P. got me here, I’ll tell you about the “why” – my biggest driving force. Everyone has one. My “why” wasn’t getting a new car or a new house (although I will get them in due time). My “why” is grinding as hard as I can to set my family up for LIFE. To make it so that money is never an issue ever again. Want to take a 100-day cruise around the world? No problem. Want to buy the absolute best health insurance so we can be seen by the best doctors? No problem. Want to send my daughter to the best schools in the world? No problem. Want to make sure that my parents can retire early and enjoy life? NO PROBLEM. 

Having a meaningful why has been the single biggest factor in seeing my sales skyrocketing. That, and finding the right mentors.

I first discovered the guys behind Nine University – Kale and Taylor – in their early days before their YouTube channel and the beast they’ve created since. Back then, they were posting videos on Facebook. They weren’t the highest quality videos but let me tell you something – the CONTENT was amazing. No one else was doing this. They were not only relatable, but they were so transparent and generous in the hacks and strategies they were sharing. That’s what hooked me on following their journey and ultimately investing in KT V.I.P.

But isn’t this whole Amazon thing a scam? Are you really making money?  

Let’s be clear: Amazon FBA isn’t like scratching a lottery ticket and winning a million dollars. You have to put in the work. It’s also not a get-rich-quick scheme, but I’d say it’s a get-rich-quick PLAN. If you put the work in, you’re going to see dividends. I’ve had countless sleepless nights and it’s paying OFF.

I started dabbling with Amazon FBA over a year and a half ago and it wasn’t until I came across Kale and Taylor’s Facebook videos in the summer of 2018 that I started taking it more seriously. Then I signed up for KT V.I.P. It was the turning point for me. Since then, my sales have gone from zero to 40K a month.   

Here’s some of what the program includes:

    • 6 x Weekly Live Q&A Calls – These are insanely valuable. Imagine being able to ask any question you’d like and getting an instant answer from an expert.


  • 6-figure coach for biweekly coaching sessions – Same as above. This level of one-on-one attention is unheard of in other courses.
  • KT V.I.P. Video Portal – 257 step by step, over the shoulder style instructional videos arranged in a 7-week format. They’re designed to be watched on your schedule and on the go.  


  • Nine University Facebook Ads – 199 step by step, over the shoulder style Facebook Ads instructional videos. Same as above – completely on demand and on your schedule.  
  • KT Product Pick List – 250+ patent checked high demand, low competition, high ROI products + direct links to supplier websites to save weeks by sourcing a safe, verified, hand-picked products in seconds.  
  • Amazing Product Photography + Models – Once you get to week 5 of the program you will realize that your product NEEDS beautiful pictures in order to sell well. KT V.I.P. takes care of this for you. Just send them one of your products and they send back magazine worthy product pictures (with models included if necessary)
  • Boost Nine Software


If you’re currently dabbling with Amazon FBA and are struggling (I’ve been there, trust me), the real question KT V.I.P. made me realize and work through is: “Would I buy it if I were the consumer?” If you can’t confidently say yes, then you cannot complain if your sales are down. I used to be that guy, complaining all the time. Once I learned that, game over. KT V.I.P. shows you the way – step by step.

So, here’s my advice: find your MEANINGFUL WHY. Once you do, you will literally fight every day to see to it that it happens. Oh, and if you can, invest in KT V.I.P. Remember, “Money is great—FREEDOM is better.”