IF you are planning to move to a new city all by yourself, you are probably equal parts excited and overwhelmed. Even if you aren’t afraid of the actual move and the new environment, the sheer number of things that you need to do and keep track of is enough to induce anxiety even in a professional mover.

That is why we reached out to the best movers in San Diego, Move-Central to share some tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible. With their wealth of experience, here’s what they decided to share with us.

Don’t Underestimate the Time and Effort

If you are moving alone, you may think that it should be a straightforward and simple thing – pack a few bags and boxes, store them on a moving truck and be on your merry way. What you are not thinking about, however, is all the additional things you will need to do. And the fact that you will need to do it all at the same time.

One very simple and effective way to organize yourself is to create a timeline with all the (approximate) dates and tasks that need to be done for the move. What you are essentially doing is taking the giant task of moving and separating it into a group of much smaller and attainable tasks that you can easily handle.

There’s a Method to Packing

When the big day is approaching, it is time to actually start packing your things. So, how do you go about doing that? Instead of haphazardly putting things in boxes and bags, think about the unpacking for a second. Your future self will thank you if you pack in a way that will make it a bit easier to unpack and organize things better.

Oh, and here’s another tip. Start packing at least 3 days before your actual move date. But start with things you don’t need to use daily. Clothes that are out of season, books, most of your cutlery and dishes are good to go even sooner than that. But giving yourself 3 days is enough to figure out if you’re forgetting something and not to be in a rush.

Shop for Moving Companies

There are plenty of moving companies all over the country. After all, Americans move more than most other nations, so it is only natural that a booming industry has evolved around it. However, just like in any other niche, there are good and dubious companies out there.

In order to be sure that you are picking the right one, do your due diligence – research them online and see what people are saying about them. A good moving company will have plenty of positive reviews from customers on Yelp, Google, or any other reviewing platform.

However, don’t stop there. Call at least 3 movers and get quotes from them. This will give you a sense of the fair price for the move, so you don’t have to overpay. And make sure you do it well ahead of the move – some of the best companies will be pretty busy during the peak moving season.

Get to Know Your New Surroundings Ahead of the Move

Before you actually move to your new home, it can be useful to know your way around. Whether you do it virtually, through services like Google Maps, or in person, walk around, make sure to know where your local services are.

This will help greatly when you move in because you will probably lack something in the first hours or days after the move. It is a lot simpler to go to an electronics store to buy that extension cable you now need if you already know where the store is.

No matter how challenging or difficult moving can be, the joy of discovering a new city and finding your place in it is something special.