Prosthetics refer to that particular system of medical practice which deals with specially prescribed medical goods by physicians which are used for physical enhancement and modification. Sunknowledge Services Inc, a medical billing and revenue management organization that started in the year 2007, has made the practice of prosthetics billing its own. Sunknowledge has been instrumental in changing the façade of the medical billing industry in the US, which has to lead to an upsurge in the billing industry as a whole. We have been the pioneer in technological development, standardization of various aspects of practice management and better revenue generation.

Prosthetics come under the DME or Durable Medical Equipment circle which are domestic goods used for external application to reduce pain and enhance mobility etc. The various prosthetics clients which we deal with are as follows

  • Splints, Bands, and Braces
  • Shoes and Insoles
  • Collars, corsets, and supports
  • Bandages and Callipers
  • AFO (ankle-foot-orthosis)
  • KAFO( knee-ankle-foot orthosis)
  • TLSO(thoracolumbosacral orthosis)
  • Spinal Orthoses
  • Artificial Limbs
  • Artificial Arms
  • Exo-skeletal
  • Prosthetic Knees

The principal process of prosthetics billing can be detailed hereunder

  • Order entry on the basis of the Rx as delivered by the physician
  • Eligibility verification and authorization
  • Document collection as required by the payer for auth approval
  • Confirming that the payer criteria is met before equipment delivery
  • Generation of the delivery ticket
  • Claim receipt creation
  • Submission of EDI
  • Cash posting
  • Denial management
  • A/R follow up

Sunknowledge has prioritized the prosthetics account in recent times which has made the cash flow and financial situation in the DME industry much better than the past. Our clients enjoy 100% service satisfaction hence accounting for our zero attrition rate and ever-increasing clientele. We as a medical billing company offer a 30 day free trial period for our first 30 clients without binding them with a lock-up contract. That means our clients may leave us at any time without paying any penalty. Just call us or click on our website to know more about us.