Techniques in digital marketing to earn more online value

Digital marketing is a large avenue comprising of various strategies that possess the ability to raise the bar of a business.


Digital marketing is a large avenue comprising of various strategies that possess the ability to raise the bar of a business.

Implementing these techniques effectively can be difficult for a greenhorn marketing personnel. With so many marketing strategies present right now even experts make mistakes while maintaining variegated marketing campaigns of an enterprise.

Marketing is a long-term on-going process and it requires patience to see its outcomes.

The rate of company’s growth starts to pick up after a suitable amount of resources in term of money and time has been invested in its marketing.

Every technique in digital marketing is unique and serves a different purpose. The collaborative result of these techniques is far better than using only one technique.

Even though using all the strategies together provide a far better result than using them individually, a company may not have enough resources in terms of budget or manpower to use all of them.

However, it can still implement few of them according to its requirements and buyer’s personas and still get satisfactory results.

A company should decide a marketing strategy based on the objectives it wants to fulfill. The areas where digital marketing strategies make an impact on a company’s growth are:

  • Driving online audience to the website of the company
  • Gathering insights about the users
  • Increasing followers on social media pages of the company
  • Increasing views on various content pieces
  • Deliver promotional offers to customers
  • Increasing ranking on a search engine

An enterprise can use several strategies to boost their success rate in achieving the goals mentioned above. However, there are some primary techniques that a company should target in the initial phase of its implementation.

These three strategies are the most basic yet essential techniques and fulfill almost all of the marketing goals of a company:

  • Search engine Optimization
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is an organic way to increase traffic on a website. It is used to boost the ranking of a website on a search engine result page for a particular keyword.

Implementing unique content containing keywords associated with the business and developing an exemplary user interface for the website helps a company to bring its website at the top of a search result.

The best aspect of SEO is that it requires only time as an investment. It hardly requires any money for its operation and a person with enough time at its disposal can keep a track of its SEO results.

Researching about keywords and developing content around them for the webpages will optimize it to be displayed on a SERP page. Along with an optimized website, a strong backlink profile also boosts the SEO ranking of the website.

SEO takes some time to show its effect and does not help in any way to gather insights about customers.

Search Engine Optimization not only works for the website but also ranks blog posts, podcasts, and videos. Thus, a company can also promote its content pieces using SEO services.

Pay per click marketing:

While SEO helps in improving organic ranking of a company’s website, pay per click marketing is a strategy that displays the website of a company on the top of a SERP in the form of an advertisement.

Companies bid on various keywords related to their business in an online advertisement forum like Google Ads. Whenever a searcher will search that keyword on a search engine, he/she will see an advertisement of the company that paid maximum money for that keyword on the top of the result page.

Pay per click marketing present opportunities for an enterprise to pick up the pace and earn new customers at an escalated rate.

Pay per click marketing also allows companies to showcase their products visually. Videos and photos of the products can be marketed in order to attract customers easily.

Pay per click marketing acts as a foundation ground for new companies to target customers and expand their business. However, with money involved in PPC, a business can lose money if it does not invest its budget in a constructive manner.

Social Media Management:

People may not search about various things on a search engine, but they sure spend a lot of time on various social sites.

With a large portion of the population on social media platforms, it is essential for a company to market itself on them.

Social Media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter are capable of driving the perception of the audience. It also provides company information regarding the likes and dislikes of people.

SMM can also be used to gather customer insights which can be later used to influence their purchasing decisions.

Social media management is also very helpful in driving inbound traffic and their social signals also help in giving extra leverage to a company’s SEO.


Digital marketing is a powerful and essential tool that can help a lot in the growth of the company.

By understanding its need, a company can develop a strong strategic plan for implementing various marketing techniques to help the company attain better online value.


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