CAT Result depends on the sectional marks which combine to form an overall percentile. If you are applying for top B-schools then sectional marks also become very important to you. Thus, emphasis should be laid equally on the three sections.

CAT Result can be effected badly if you fail to succeed in any one of the sections. One section that is feared the most is the quantitative aptitude section. The irony here is that you can score the most marks in this section only. Thus, this section becomes a make it or break it for all the students. So, how to ace this section?


Like a good maths student, you need to have a strong foundation for this section. That is why an ample amount of time needs to be given for understanding the concepts. From the day 1, start preparing notes and note down each and every concept of the subsequent chapters. Even though it might look very easy, just note it down. When you are finished with that chapter, make a better note and revise it every time before giving even the sectional test. Make a habit of going through these notes at the end of every week, end of every month, and even before giving any test. This will make you sharper while solving the questions. There is always a certain way through which you are required to find the answer. If you know that way and do it properly, then you will save the time and your accuracy will also improve.


Although it is very important that you solve a number of questions, it is also important that you solve it most accurately. Target having minimum 80-85% accuracy in this section. Make a habit of not losing out marks due to silly mistakes or calculation errors. Your results will depend on how few errors you make. As this section requires you to find a given number, a single error can make your answer wrong and will also waste your time. These both are not something you want to have in your CAT exam. Thus, make a habit of solving with the most accuracy. While doing the analysis note down the errors that you are making and avoid it in the next test.

Practice mock tests

This holds true for all the sections, not just aptitude section. Why this is important? It is important because you need to analyse where you are lacking, what mistakes you are committing, what are your strengths and weaknesses, and many more. These all things will be covered when you start giving the tests regularly. For aptitude, it is important, because when you practice regularly using concepts and formula, the chances of being accurate increases. Tests you give will improve your ability to solve all the questions within time. That is what the true test of CAT exams. It examines your ability to think fast. And as aptitude section has so many formulas and so many different concepts, to apply them in 60 minutes, requires practice!

Allocation of time

Time management plays a very important role in every competitive examination. It is very important to do right questions, because not only this will help you score good marks, but it will also help you to save more time. Aptitude is the section that requires more practice. With more practice, you will become familiar with the topics and thereby gain the confidence to solve the questions. Divide your time for every topic according to its difficulty level and try to solve them at the same time limit.

Solving aptitude requires patience. You cannot go from 70 to 95 percentile overnight. Be confident and work constantly towards improving yourself. Then only you will be getting a good result in the aptitude section and thereby a good CAT result!