The global crisis forced us to stay more at home than we probably ever planned in 2020. This means that we now have to look at the same furniture and walls every day, changing the ambiance from an office to a bedroom is now achieved simply by blinking your eye.

This monotony of routine is a great motivation to put some effort into refreshing your home and do stuff you’ve been holding off for years. Being a fan of DYI activities I decided to give my walls a fresh coat of paint, but before putting the idea into reality I decided to consult with the pros, and Prestige Painters helped me with the basics.

Don’t Be Cheap

Painting your walls is not something you’d do every day, unless you do that for a living of course. The goal is to do your best and make sure your walls receive the quality of both the work and the paint they deserve. Whether you are experienced or not, the equipment you use is going to play a big role. Avoid the cheapest plastic brushes that will break half-way through, instead invest in something a bit more expensive to ensure that your hard work and talent are matched with good tools.

Paint is also very important, if you opt for a cheap option then don’t expect amazing results. You want something that is easily applied to the walls and spread nicely and thoroughly. Buy a paint that is going to let you enjoy the work and allow you to envision whatever you had in mind.

Protect Your Furniture

This seems basic, and something you’d automatically do before you start painting, but it’s still worth mentioning. Ideally, you want to move all of the furniture outside of the room, but more often than not that’s not possible so the best alternative is to move it all to the center of the room and cover it with plastic sheets. This will allow you to move around more easily, but more importantly, it will protect your furniture from paint stains and dust.

Apply Tape with a Putty Knife

The tape is applied on wooden surfaces on the floor for example to prevent the paint from staining those surfaces. You don’t want to spend more time removing stains that dripped from the brush down to the woodwork, that’s why applying the tape is more important than you’d think. When you apply it to the desired surface you should use a putty knife to give it an extra punch and ensure no paint would come through.

Focus On One Wall

It might seem unimportant but in order to get the job done right it is best to finish one wall, and then start working on others. This approach is good because it allows you to have a good reference and make it much easier to adjust both the color and brush technique to make sure the entire room looks homogenous. Don’t forget to cover the buckets to prevent the paint from drying.

Use All Paint At Once

Well, not literally, but when you buy a few cans the color might differ between them, maybe not much, but enough to be visible enough to annoy you. You can avoid that by mixing all the cans you plan to use into one mixture to ensure your paint stays identical throughout the process. You can use one big bucket for that which will also enable you to sip the entire roller inside to cover it evenly.