Maybe you will complain about how you are getting further away from been innocent man. It might because of the society, may be because of the reality, causing you become more sleek. But, please remember, nobody can stay innocent forever, the importance is to always keep a pureheart! Let’s take the test below and find out if you still have a pure heart.

Begin the Test:

If you are a princess, you are taking a walk with the seven dwarfs in the forest. On the way, you discover a cabin with a special smell. Suddenly, the cabin’s door opened. Use your imagination, who is coming out of the cabin?

A): The sleeping beauty who just woke up

B): The scare witch

C): The lovely forest elf

Test Result:

Choose A: There are two sides of you. When you are at work, you are rational, but when back to personal life, your innocence show up. You hid your innocent deep in your heart, only show it at appropriate moment, and people think the best of you

Choose B: Maybe you have experienced too much frustration in the reality, you think a lot of things can be changed by man power now, so you are now very realistic. You wish you can be like the witches, has magic powers that can make your goal come true. Even you might fail at the end; you still wouldn’t regret your decision. We want to alert you, please don’t throw away that pure happiness, and most definitely don’t lose of yourself.

Choose C: Even in this society, your heart still is kept positive. Sometimes, you will be trapped by the reality troubles too, and you will be confused, but your positive personalitycan always take you out of the depressive moment, keep you away from the negative energy, just like the elf in the forest, live simple and happy. This is right, please continue on. But of course, been innocent doesn’t mean be stupid, make sure to protect yourself while keep a pure heart.