The sector of business has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the past few years, and the number of people starting their new business is on the rise as well. That is why more and more new startups tend to avail the services of digital marketing such as bulk SMS service provider, bulk e-mail, virtual SMS mobile services, and various others to make sure that they can scale their company.

What is a virtual number?

A virtual number enables a company person to track all the calls of customers as well as handle any number of call volumes. The calls can be connected to multiple agents which enables a better customer service for the clients. In India, various service providers offer virtual mobile number SMS at cost-effective rates as a part of their promotional deal or festive marketing strategies.
Apart from utilizing a virtual number, plenty of companies and their high-level representatives are availing the services of SMS long code service provider to make the operation of scaling their company, quite easy.

Benefits of having a virtual number

Call tracking is made more comfortable as a single business number is issued to the client for their business and all the calls made to that number can be tracked to get detailed analysis.

  • Better prospects in terms of marketing as analytical reports can be easily known. As a result of which, information about the potential leads regarding a certain marketing campaign can be known. Due to which all of those calls can be analyzed to get better results on the marketing campaign.
  • At a single point, multiple agents can be assigned for the work. Due to which, the high number of the response of the calls can be handled effectively, and no future business opportunity can be missed.
  • The added benefit of recording the calls can be availed by the client when the service of virtual number is assigned. As a result of which, customer calls can be recorded and could be referred to at suitable times to have a proper understanding regarding the preference of the customer.

A solid build of the database is created by the use of it, and all of the data of the customers can be stored, making it easier to reach out to them about marketing or promotional schemes to scale the business, efficiently.
The facility of Web Management can help the person to manage the data on a single panel such as calls, recordings, notes, which can be referred to for future uses.

In this modern digital age, there are various companies from the newly set up startups to the large-scale established firms that have been availing the service of SMS through the virtual mobile number. Along with that, the long code is also implemented more compared to a shortcode for the sole reason of better expansion of the company and better effective results. The service providers have made the whole genre of digital marketing much easier for the companies.