Being the largest crossover SUV model that reads the logo BMW on its frontal grille, the X7 model secures a place in the segment higher than the rest of the lot in many ways. It still belongs to the upper-crust in the segment of seven-seated crossover SUV models that qualifies for being so popular in every respect you can think of.

Placing three rows of luxurious seats in its sprawling interior room, each of the trims of the 2020 BMW X7 thrives to be one of the best models in its class of premium luxury vehicles, that only the above average buyers can afford to own.

It is also among the most expensive models of its own brand list, and the experts of the San Luis Obispo car dealerships explained, why.

Punching Design

The 2020 edition of the BMW X7 is not an easy fit for the average parking spaces. It is longer than its own sibling X5 models by several inches and also wears a larger snout at the front. The exterior styling of the X7 will keep your attention arrested for a while, from every angle you look at it.

But a closer look at the interior cabin will lead you to a luxury soaked room that aims to pamper the occupants with all possible delicacies. Decked and draped in fine leather in combination with open-pore wood, the cabin of the 2020 X7 maintains layers of luxury oriented trim features among which many are made with glass accents to create that punching effect of the ultra-posh design.

Placing three rows of well cushioned seats for up to 7 passengers, the 2020 X7 models leaves enough cargo space behind the second row which wasn’t difficult to spare for as long an SUV like this. With three rows in place, it measures 11.5 cubes behind the third row, but folding it down can expand the space to 48.6 cubic feet which is enough to store the items for a weekend journey.

Winning the Power Race

Having the best engines under its hood, the 2020 year lineup of BMW X7, runs with bursting power derived from either the turbo-6 engine or any one from the two versions of its twin-turbo V-8 counterparts.

As gathered from the BMW car dealers near San Luis Obispo, the base model of the 2020 BMW X7 series named as the xDrive40i is given the ability of a 335-horsepower making inline-6 engine that simply silken down the rough patches without a stress. The still higher trim named as the xDrive50i dominate the roads with a 4.4-liter V-8 engine that pumps up the horsepower count to 450 hp, while the top-of-the-range M50i blasts a 500 hp.

But irrespective of the engine capacity, BMW begets every engine only the service of an 8-speed automatic transmission that can handle everything that comes on its way. It is also the active contribution of the solid air suspension that needs a mention here, if we are talking about how the 2020 BMW X7 smothers down the bumps and keeps the SUV sailing till the destination arrives.