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Breakdowns of cars are one of the most common things to happen, and since they are after all machines, you cannot depend on them to work forever without any faults. Most parts can get worn out and old over a span of time. From the windshield to the headlights, to the transmissions to the alternator- every part goes through depreciation and damage. However, it is up to you to get them repaired on time so that it does not end up in a dangerous situation or harm the car in a negative way.

It is very important that the interior parts of a car keep working well, so that the car is out of harm’s way. Like the transmission, the alternator is also an important part that you must take care of. In case you think it is not performing perfectly, then it’s time to get it repaired or even replaced. In case that situation arises, you can take help from auto wreckers in Australia, such as the Melbourne wreckers, who will provide you with the same or even better parts, at very low costs. Alternators are itself not very complicated but since they are responsible for alternating the current, they can affect other parts of the system too if they start to get weak. So, how will you get to know if your alternator needs an immediate replacement? Take a look at these telling signs that are not limited to just 4×4, but all vehicles:

  1. Dimming Lights:

When you are driving your car, especially in the evening, look out for the power generated by the accessory lights. If the headlights, some lights or dash lights have started to fade out a bit, then it could very well mean that your alternator is not being able to handle all the load. When you turn on the alternator, if you also see the lights haphazardly blinking or fading in and out without a rhythm, then that could also be an important sign.

  1. Dying Battery:

Another significant sign that you definitely should not ignore is a dying battery. If your battery is dying profusely, then it could be a reason to check your alternator. First of all, get your battery checked- if everything seems fine with the unit, then it is actually the alternator which is not being able to work properly and is unable to charge the battery adequately. Remember that if your battery is always drained and has to be constantly jump-started, it could end up damaging the battery too. So, check the alternator and replace it if such a situation arises.

  1. Delay in Starting:

Is your car taking a long time to start? Then, this could definitely be another sign for an alternator malfunction. It might mean a number of things, but an alternator mishap seems to be a huge probability. It could be that the brushes are not being able to reach the coil at all points. There could also be an issue with the voltage regulator. Whatever the reason may be, you must get it checked out and replaced as soon as possible.

Do you notice these problems in your car too? Then you must take your car to a professional and get your alternator replaced from an auto wrecker store immediately!

Author Bio: Ken Wills, a veteran author on auto wreckers in Australia like Melbourne wreckers, here writes on a few significant signs that your car may be showing due to alternator problems. Whether it is just 4×4 car, or something else, you need to get it checked out.