The 2019 Honda Fit though smaller in size is versatile in its capabilities while being significantly fuel efficient. Some say that the 2019 Honda Fit stays affordable in its sales price as well as through its owning costs. This is because you need to pay lesser visits for the service center, while the transportation cost stays as low as you could wish for. It is one of the best options for the first-time car buyers as the entire series will return the best value for their money with a flexible seating arrangement, good mileage, while a sporty ride will be ensured every time you drive this handsome looking vehicle.

The Attire

When we saw the 2019 Honda Fit for the first time at one of the most popular showrooms of the Petaluma Honda dealer, it appeared to be relatively smaller a vehicle in the metrics of tall driving cars. It looked similar to the minivan concept but wearing a more dignified attire. The design shows up its age which is also a sign of its popularity that Honda has built through all these years serving a couple of generations.

Trim Lineup for 2019

The 2019 model year of the Honda Fit continues the same four trims as seen in the lineup last year, named as the LX for the Base, Sport, EX, and EX-L stepping up in consecutive order as the price chart increases.

Power Capacities

All the trim models that build up the 2019 lineup of the Honda Fit are given the power of Honda’s in-house manufactured 1.5-liter inline-4 engine in tune with either a 6-speed manual transmission for the ones who love to drive, and continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) as optional for those who wants to make driving easier. The latter come with paddle shifters and features a sport mode option. These  powertrain combos  are equally capable of making the 2019 Honda Fit raise a speed of 60 mph from a dead stop in around 10 seconds. Fuel economy is the forte of these powertrain combinations that earned the 2019 Honda Fit a rating of 33 mpg by the EPA, if you drive in a combined speed of city and highway, while the rating can climb higher or lower by one or two digits depending upon the wheel and transmission combination you choose.

Safe to Drive

As gathered from the Petaluma Honda dealer, the 2019 Honda Fit has scored reasonably well on all the official crash tests conducted by the IIHS. Honda installing its own active safety tech, named as Honda Sensing, in almost every trim model of the 2019 Fit series has achieved high safety rating as it includes high end safety features like forward collision warning, lane departure alerts, and a full suite of airbags placed at the strategic places to reduce the severe impact of a collision, if at all it takes place.

As learned from the user feedback and from our test drives, the entire lineup of the 2019 Honda Fit drives extremely well. Thanks to its nimble handling derived from its responsive steering and stiffer suspension that can iron out all the road imperfections with a great poise.