Golfers want a perfect playable surface. If there is debris, you cannot call it an ideal surface. This is the reason why debris management is extremely important. Leading brands like Toro and John Deere do research and use advanced technologies in their debris management golf course maintenance equipment. This also highlights the importance of debris management in golf courses. You have to maintain clean turf and hard surfaces to maintain the playability. With debris management equipment, you can achieve this easily and quickly. You can remove grass clippings, leaves, thatch, sand and more quickly and easily and at the same time save your labor cost. 

One of the biggest manufacturers of golf course maintenance equipment, Toro, sells the following five golf course debris management equipment: 

  • Rake-O-Vac Sweeper/Vacuum
  • Pro Sweep 
  • Pro Force™ Series Debris Blower
  • Debris Blower 600
  • Versa-Vac™

Today you will learn about the following two equipment:

  • Versa-Vac™
  • Pro Sweep®


With its large capacity hopper, this equipment can even simplify the biggest clean up duty. You have convenient seat controls allowing you to operate the deck and trailer hydraulically. You have rubber finger deck for effective sweeping. After switching to combination deck, start verticutting for core pulverization, overseeding or dethatching. 


Rubber Finger Deck 

It can easily and quickly remove twigs, leaves, clippings, pine needles and more. 


It has innovative design allowing quick deck changes. You can easily remove for servicing. You also get more versatility with the optional hand-held hose. You can remove debris from tight areas as well. 


Drive System Belt drive
Power Supply 35 PTO hp or more
Hopper Capacity Volume 6.5 cubic yards
Width 72″ (182.9 cm)
Weight 2,300 lbs. (1043.3 kg)
Warranty 2 year limited warranty


Following are the accessories available with this debris management equipment: 

  • Optional hand-held hose 
  • Optional combination deck 

Pro Sweep

For the collection of traditional aeration cores and other debris, If you are looking for a method that is faster than the traditional method, invest in Pro Sweep by Toro. With its brush height adjustment, you can accommodate different turf conditions. 


Adjustable Roller Height 

You can easily customize it for a specific application. All you have to do is to adjust its height.   

Floating Brush Housing 

It has exclusive floating brush housing rotating from front to back and side to side. Even when on uneven terrain, the sweeper can easily collect cores. 

Wireless RF Remote Control 

You can easily control sweeping and dumping operations with a wireless RF remote control. Just touch a button and its done. The same remote control allows sweeper movement from tow position to offset position. You can also stop power completely in emergency situations.

High Lift Dump 

You can easily dump all the cores into a Toro Workman’s bed. 

Pivoting Sub-Frame

Despite the hopper being filled-up, it provides you with better traction and also maintains positive tongue weight.   

Hydraulic Offset 

When the sweeper is in hydraulic position, you can easily move it to the collection position. 

Windrow Blade 

It serves the purpose of keeping cores away from tires. 


Power supply  8 gpm at 2000 psi
Hopper Capacity 25 cubic feet
Sweeping Width 52 inches
  • 0-15 mph forward transport when the hopper is in transport down position. 
  • 0-5 mph forward sweeping  
Collection System Rotary Brush, Hydraulic Powered 
  • 6″ (15.2 cm) diameter
  • Adjustable height.
Tires  67 cm x 36 – 31 cm
Weight  686 kg
Length  368 cm 
Height  173 cm 
Width  221 cm 
Warranty  Two year limited warranty 


Following are the accessories available with Pro Sweep:

  • Adjustable Jack Stand
  • Tire Scraper Kit 
  • Brake Kit 

Do learn about the other three debris management equipment by Toro.