Taxi dispatch solution is the best method that developed the taxi business and helps the taxi drivers to serve their best to the users rapidly and competently. Now a single touch on the mobile screens has changed the days of taking a taxi by waving hands with the aid of new taxi dispatch system that gives booking a cab on the go. Now humans can find it very easily and comfortably take a cab via their mobile phones.

At present you might have an idea, what is the requirement of having your taxi dispatch system to vie with the businessperson in the taxi industry like Uber, Hailo, and Lyft as they already provide varying potential benefits. The taxi leader Uber has undergone a number of cases from the question of a job to the safety of the taxi riders. Hence, a major number of public anger is now growing against cab giants. Here it is a right opportunity to back up your market share you capitalized in some private hire business.

The aim of developing taxi management solutions deliver a scalable service from a cab booking to managing the payments options. We work largely to outdo the race in comfort and efficiency with augmenting ride experience. A cab management solution is a large group of mobile app solution that is usable to the driver and passenger, web panel given for the owner, web-based dispatch platform.

Admin Web Panel

This is the main area of taxi dispatch system. The home screen is intended in such a manner that they appear to be arranged in a systematic manner with the displays and functions planned in the best way to provide improved easy navigation and user experience. The home screen shows essential details containing a map indicating the location of the driver, statistic record showing the trip path, booked journey,  canceled trips, online customers etc. Trip details of every taxi type, current ride, and canceled trips are also displayed on the mobile screen. Setting up language and currency can be done with swift navigation on the mobile screen along with showing all passengers, driver and trip history dashboard.

The control panel on the screen of the admin panel contains all functions and tools for the cab management. All options including the passenger and driver management, cab management, fare, and information are integrated with the admin panel.

Driver Application

Driver’s application offers an easily integrated experience for the cab driver who can effortlessly familiarize the taxi application without much technical information. Our application design outlines offer even navigation experience all through the application. A person can set their status to offline or online depending upon the accessibility. After receiving the ride request, the driver will inform about the destination and pickup location of the taxi ride. Cab drivers then notify the passengers on reach and start the trip. The reserve and price will be calculated routinely.

Passenger Application

A huge customer experience with superior features makes cab passenger application superior to any taxi solution provider today. The customer can hire the cab/taxi via their smartphones; select their preferred pickup time and vehicle type. The customer can search the cab location through map facility while the driver reaches. They can comment and rate the cab driver. All these options give the user a simplified booking service, which places them to routine the taxi service again.

Now get taxi dispatch software by connecting innovative fleet management solution provider to achieve an enhanced visibility for a unified customer experience. Build your own expert taxi dispatch system with an expert group of developers to yield opportunities to the consumers and business as well.