Across the globe the natural environment is witnessing a steep decline, and the automotive industry can be held responsible to quite an extent to the amount of air pollution caused. If you are sensitive to this issue, and own a regular gasoline vehicle, do not shut your eyes and avoid the topic, because you still have many possible ways in your hand, to go green, even with your existing car. If that interests you, then we have jotted down some tips suggested by some automotive experts we met at the Moscow Chevrolet dealership that might seem easy for you to follow.

What You Can Do as a Motorist

According to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, motorists across the globe can surely play their part in helping the environment regain its health, by practicing few ‘environment-friendly’ habits of car care that counts timely vehicle maintenance as well as practicing non-aggressive driving habits.

So here are few easy ways in which you can go green with your existing car, if at all you care for the Mother Nature.

Practice Nature Conscious Driving Habits

Drive at a moderate speed. Speeding your vehicle unnecessarily with hard acceleration will waste a lot of gas that will directly reduce the natural resources, just for fun. If you can divert your sense of happiness from a temporary driving fun towards conservation of natural resources, you’re really going to feel good.

That’s why the experts suggest you to make good use of cruise-control especially while driving on highways in order to maintain the right pace. When idling, they suggest you to shut off the engine.

Reduce Driving for Daily Errands

A family that owns a car has the tendency to develop a habit of using the car at every occasion, especially for daily errands. But this causes a lot of fuel wastage, as short trips consume more fuel than long highway drives. If you can master the courage of consolidating the usage of your car for daily errands, you will be contributing largely in making the planet greener.

Strictly Follow your Car Maintenance Schedule

A well-maintained car that has all its parts running in good condition will ask for lesser fuel, than the one that has worn out parts under its hood. Cars that are properly lubricated, filtered and clean run more miles in less fuel, and emits less carbon-dioxide.

Keep the engine at its optimum health by changing its oil in regular intervals, keep changing the oil and air filters to keep the engine as well as the cabin fresh, replace the major items like spark plug and oil caps when they wear out. This will also increase the fuel efficiency of your car by 30%.

Keep the car tires properly inflated, rotated and aligned as under-inflated tires and mal-aligned tires struggle more to run and waste fuel to a large extent.

Do Not Add up to the Level of Pollution

The experts at the Chevrolet Moscow dealership suggest the car owners to dispose of their used car components like old batteries, engine oil, anti-freeze coolant in a proper way, preferably through a recycling organization so that they don’t add up to the pollution which is already reached a threatening level.