Selling an accidental or damaged car maybe sound like a daunting task but it is quite easier even than you may think and chances are you will get a fair price more than your expectations. There are a vast number of online platforms which are making money selling scrap metal and usable parts within a car or any other vehicle. Therefore, they are motivated to pay you for your damaged or accidental car. They have their own Car Inspection Workshop where you can drop your car and after a few minutes, payment is in your hands. It’s as simple as that! Keep following listed below steps to sell your damaged or accidental car.

Recognize a Totaled Car

The first and foremost step you should go through is to clarify that your car is totaled. This is an understandable term, “totaled” cars are those which set you back more to fix as compared to the car itself worth is. The cars which have tolerated significant damage as a result of an accident or older cars, or those that tolerated momentous damage will fall in the totaled category.

If your car is insured, your insurance company then will let you know if your car is totaled. Going through an examining an extent of damage and a series of inspection, your insurance company would let you know the total estimated cost to fix that damage. And if an actual cost of repairing goes above the value of the car, it’s categorized as totaled.

Another way to recognize if your car is totaled, bring it to a company which specializes in buying damaged or totaled cars. Once everything is examined, they will provide you with a valuation and buy it from you – most probably on the very same day!

Collect Your Information

Next, you should get your car’s title (registered to you) before you decide to sell it out. Although a bunch of salvage recycling locations across the world may not require a title, it will help you get your transaction to be done so easily – if you have it.

Some older cars are exempt and you won’t need any kind of title – so contact a salvage yard fast of time to see what their policies are.

Try to Repair

Well, if the car is not entirely damaged and can easily be repaired without leaving a solid dent on the wallet, a private buyer would definitely wish to restore it back to working order. And if it is the case, you will then want to make your damaged car look its best in order to get the most of the money. Clean and wash it properly before showing your car to any buyers – perhaps you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this can make.

Be mindful, it’s an excellent time to repair a little bit if you think it will help you get the money in the long run. Don’t let this opportunity to be gone.

 Get an Estimate

When your car alongside all the necessary paperwork is fully ready, contact a salvage yard near you to see what your car is worth. The price of the car is completely based on how many axes it has, how much it weighs and what parts of the engine are still usable. Moreover, the car salvage price can be changed every day – very much like a stock on Wall Street. Therefore, before taking it to your local salvage location, you better check on pricing within a day or two.

Arrange Car Pick up

Once you are done with a price for your damaged or accidental car that you are happy with, immediately contact to a salvage yard to arrange to pick up for your car – in case that service is available. And if the car is not entirely dead or you can drive, you can bring it to the salvage yard yourself. Otherwise, you will have to pay to have it pulled. If you are lucky, your local salvage yard will pull your car for free-of-charge – giving you one less thing to worry about.

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