The interior is fantastic and none of the rivals can beat it in terms of inclusion of the tech features

The new e series models of Mercedes are just about the technological progress of the car maker and it has been made evident in the new cars introduced in the market. Mercedes e200 is in its fifth generation and it is not an easy job to sustain for that length of time particularly when things are rapidly changing. The interior is fantastic and none of the rivals can beat it in terms of inclusion of the tech features. Refinement is also matching to the class of the vehicle and can be graded as one of the finest in the class. For those do not afford the luxury there is very economical option of Mercedes engines. These Mercedes e200 reconditioned engines for sale can be found online with greater ease as their prices and other details have also been shared there for the people interested. It has become spacious as wheelbase has increased but on the contrary it has shed considerable weight too which indicates more use of reliable and strong material in building it. So the luxury sedan has all the ingredients to attract the people around the world.

The list of additional specifications is very long

The starting price of the car is competitive and it represents impressive value for your money. The more powerful cars in the series surely have greater punch and thrill but this entry level model is also very much satisfying for the buyers. The list of additional specifications is very long and by adding them the car would become very much competing with the upscale siblings. The standard features include some very noteworthy like command infotainment facility, LED technology interior lighting package, all four windows with one touch power winders, leather mounted steering wheel which is speed sensitive too, separate climate control for the two zones, rain sensing wipers and five driving options in Agility Select feature. These are some of the standard specifications and for a good driving experience one does need more than every e200 has. That is why one does not need to include anything from the list of optional features.

Nothing seems ignored

For drive assistance and safety there are stop/start, active parking assistance, camera of 360-view, holding function of adaptive brakes, nine airbags, skid control for acceleration and ESP with cross wind assistance. Cabin has been focused much and every single area of the interior is improved by the engineers. Nothing seems ignored and it creates a very solid piece of expensive settings which is also a work of art. It is not wrong to rate this cabin as the best in class and it shines to take the shortcomings into the oblivion. The two big screens are not just appealing due to the size but also for the latest technology. One screen of this type is quite impressive and two of them in the vehicle are surely a fantastic experience as they are placed perfectly on the dashboard without distracting the person behind the steering wheel. These are easy to operate too so you do not find them confusing particularly when you understand their functioning once.

The features with possibility of being customized

The driver screen offers range of useful information like fuel average and average speed. In fact everything you want to know about the car is present there on the screen and it is handy for all. The features with possibility of being customized are also managed through the infotainment screen. The interior mood light can also be controlled through it and it is the least important one. The Bluetooth connectivity is there but in presence of Android Auto and Apple Car-play its utility is diminished. With your phone display on the large crisp screen things become even more impressive. Mapping function while your phone gets connected serves you better with audio playback. On the other hand satellite navigation system has its own utility for the driver.