SmartSense is the term Hyundai uses to describe its cutting-edge driver assistance system. It is mindfully built to provide the Hyundai car users utmost safety that alone can bring the most sought peace of mind.

From emergency braking to driving at the right lane, from taking a well announced turn to keep a safe following distance, Hyundai SmartSense does it all. With the solid support of the most advanced camera and sensors, the Hyundai SmartSense system leaves no blind spot unattended, while the driver is alerted on time at every step, where the car needs to be slowed down, stopped, or take the right direction.

At the Inland Empire Hyundai dealership where the staff members were more than willing to show how the Hyundai SmartSense works, we got the following insights:

Cruise Control

One of the most important ways to prevent a collision is monitoring the vehicle speed, both in highways and during stop-and-go traffic. The Hyundai SmartSense with the help of advanced radar sensors make the Cruise Control system work effectively.

This system allows one to drive at a speed of 30km/h without the need to decelerate manually. On behalf of the driver,  the system takes up the charge to maintain a safe following distance. It does so by engaging the brakes automatically while elevating the vehicle speed intuitively. For this it uses the Electronic Stability Control system that helps in maintaining the driving pleasurable even on congested roads.

Blind Spot Monitoring

The Blind-spot Collision Warning system of the Hyundai SmartSense is meant to detect any object that comes in close proximity of the Hyundai vehicles. It makes all the blind spots visible by triggering visual warning and acoustic alerts simultaneously to keep the driver aware of the situation around the vehicle while you were busy handling the road ahead.

Downhill Braking

The Hyundai SmartSense is also comprised of a very useful safety technology which they call as the Downhill Brake Control (DBC). This system helps the Hyundai drivers go down a steep hill safely without the necessity to depress the brake pedal constantly. The system automatically starts slowing down the vehicle speed bringing it under 8km/h to reduce the chance of any skid or an uncontrolled body roll.

For this the driver has to keep this system on in the Activated mode. But don’t worry. TheDBC system is intelligent enough to deactivate itself temporarily when the road isn’t steep enough.

Lane Keeping Assist

Many accidents take place when drivers fail to maintain their designated drive lane. The Hyundai SmartSense comes to your rescue in this as well. The Lane Keeping Assist system which is designed to help a driver stay on his lane, starts detecting whenever there is a diversion and immediately starts sending visual and audible alerts to the driver to prompt a quick action. Simultaneously it also starts taking a slight counter-steering torque from the Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS) system to help the driver steer back into the original lane with ease.

When asked, the staff of the Hyundai dealership in the Inland Empire shared that because of the Hyundai SmartSense system, all the latest Hyundai products are now safer than ever.