When purchasing a motorcycle, you consider things like the engine, the model, the value, the comfort. But once it’s bought, you don’t really think about anything else, especially not a seat cover.

Seat covers are important but especially so for motorcycles. Seat covers protect your motorcycle upholstery from wear and tear but also increase the longevity of the motorcycle itself. And let’s face it, good seat covers help improve that special motorcycle look and allow for a luxurious touch.

Why Use Sheepskin Covers?

Motorcycle sheepskin seat covers protect the seat, but sheepskin seat covers do so much more than that. They protect the seat fabric from wear and tear but also add a much nicer level of comfort, especially for those longer trips. These seat covers make the best choice for your motorcycle as they add more comfort and help improve your driving posture. Sheepskin works in any type of weather including winter and summer.

Besides, sheepskin is extremely attractive. There is just something about wool fiber that can keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Here we will list out the benefits of sheepskin seat covers for you.

They Are More Comfortable 

Motorcycle sheepskin seat covers  are very soft and comfortable. They offer a higher level of comfort because a cushion of air forms under the skin, and this gives you an extra layer of softness to sit on. This can be a very important feature when you go on those long rides.

They Protect Upholstery

If your bike is expensive, and you want to protect it from the elements, a sheepskin seat cover will offer you added protection against dust, dirt, rain, and snow. The natural lanolin within the sheepskin improves the longevity of the motorcycle seat and keeps it attractive for a longer period of time. This keeps your motorcycle upholstery in terrific shape over a long period.

They Enhance The Look

Motorcycle sheepskin seat covers  are attractive. They give the bike a luxurious look that impresses everyone. So when people see your bike the first thing they notice is the seat and then they take the time to really look at the beauty of the bike.

They Are Good For Your Health

Sheepskin is not flammable and does not harm anyone who has allergies. These covers are gentle on the skin because they have natural lanolin. The material also feels good against the skin and improves blood circulation.

Sheepskin seats absorb sweat faster and send it out into the air, and not down into the upholstery. This type of cover helps protect the user against rashes and keeps the upholstery protected against the oils in human skin. The sheepskin also has something that relieves stress because they make drivers sit better and improve posture. This relieves the stress from the neck, legs, back, and shoulders.

Sheepskin is  Cleaner

Sheepskin seat covers give your motorcycle a clean, finished appearance. They don’t hold dirt and bacteria. The sheepskin has a natural self-cleaning ability that is amazing, especially when left out in the open.

What Type of Sheepskin Should You Choose?

Think of getting the best sheepskin on the market. Wool is not all the same and Australian sheepskin is considered the best in the world. This type of wool is shorter, softer and denser compared to other sheepskin wool. So consider purchasing seat covers made of Australian sheepskin. This type of wool offers more comfort and works best at warming or cooling the rider than other wools. Another reason to choose Australian wool is because of the short hair. This means it won’t matt and gives you more breathability.

Sheepskin covers protect drivers but also protect the motorcycle. They are attractive and luxurious, don’t affect people with allergies and help heal and protect human skin. It is time to get a new motorcycle sheepskin seat cover, don’t you think?