Leather gloves aren’t optional, in several fields where workers require the utmost safety, it’s an essential choice. These gloves protect workers from sparks, heat, rough objects, and injuries in commercial applications. After all, things made from leather are naturally designed to provide the utmost dexterity, comfort, abrasion protection, and durability. So, you can never refrain from buying leather construction gloves if your workers need protection. However, a lot of you find yourself in a bewildering situation when there is a wide range of leather gloves available in the market and you have to make the right choice. Right? Well, it’s understandable that it’s quite difficult to choose the right pair of gloves for your work environment and application. To make the selection process easier, we have enlisted the types of leather gloves available in the market and their best use. So, without any further ado, let’s get started,

1. Cowhide Leather Gloves

Cowhide leather gloves are the most common type of hides used by professionals. It features significant qualities like comfortability, durability, abrasion-resistance, and cost-efficiency. If you’re looking for leather construction gloves that provide the utmost heat-resistance, then you should definitely go ahead with cowhide leather gloves. It would be a sensible choice for you. 

2. Pigskin Leather Gloves

Pigskin leather gloves are more comfortable than durable when compared to cowhide leather gloves. If your application doesn’t demand the utmost durability then you can go ahead with pigskin leather gloves. After all, the porous nature of the pigskin leather provides a softer touch and helps the users to remain calm. Also, it protects the hand in places where safety, movement, and comfort are your topmost priorities. A lot of you must be thinking that it’s not a durable choice. But, the fact remains that pigskin leather gloves can also provide a certain level of durability if the gloves are bought from a reliable seller. So, make sure you choose your seller wisely.

3. Goatskin Leather Gloves

The goatskin leather gloves provide the utmost dexterity and strength as compared to others. If your application demands the highest level of protection of your hands, then goatskin leather gloves would be a sensible choice to buy as it protects the hand from many natural hazards. Due to its natural lanolin, it provides the highest level of abrasion and water resistance too. Also, it has protection against weather, sparks, and cuts as well.

4. High Visibility Leather Gloves

High visibility leather gloves keep the workers visible even in low-light conditions. These gloves are designed only for a specific purpose where workers need to work at nighttime and deal with the low light. Especially, people who work as electricians can benefit hugely from these gloves. With the strength and comfort that these gloves provide, you can make the best purchasing decision when you choose a high-visibility leather glove. So, these are the types of gloves available in the market. Make sure you opt for the ideal one.