The smartphone market moves amazingly fast nowadays. Most of the flagship smartphones are considered pretty old in just a few months, therefore you have to be quick about selling your phones. The longer you wait the further will the value of your phone swirl down the drain.

Always try selling the phone before the release of the newer generation. People love to know that the phone they are buying is the latest of its kind.

Where to sell you phones?

After you have mastered the fundamentals of selling your phone on the internet it is time to go ahead and put that phone online. Here are some worthy platforms where you can sell your phones:

Selling phones on Gazelle- One of the safest routes for selling phones is Gazelle. It also offers some of the lowest rates. You might get more by selling the phone all by yourself but with Gazelle you will be guaranteed zero money risks. All you have to do is tell them about your phone, get an offer or just ship it to them and wait for the magic to happen. The payment will come in the form of a check.

Go to a manufacturer store or your carrier- Often your own carrier or smartphone manufacturer store will offer the trade in value for your old handsets. These might not be the best deals always unlike Gazelle. These are mostly for the people who value their time more than their money but still want something from those old cell phones.

Selling phones on Swappa- Swappa is a universally favourite place for selling phones. It has been observed that people usually get more money while using the proven methods of phone trading by Swappa. The Swappa guys tend to verify every single listing and make sure that there is nothing fishy going on. PayPal makes sure that you are protected if the buyer reports anything suspicious. Regardless of how secure a site is it is better not to be too trusting of everyone.

Selling phones on eBay- eBay has one of the largest audiences across the world. This in fact multiplies your chances of selling anything virtually. eBay and PayPal help you to get your money back if anything goes wrong. This is a reason why people trust it. One disadvantage though is competition you would be competing with the whole world literally.

Selling phones on Craigslist- Craigslist is one of the biggest and most popular selling and trading networks around the world. It is there all over the world and promotes local deals. Since everything is done in person therefore it is easy to check whether everything is okay for yourself or not.

Social networks-A new medium to sell your smartphone is to use your social network, such as Twitter or Facebook, to post a personal ad. The post is visible to your friends on the network and they can retweet or share it to get to more prospective buyers. While it seems an easy way to sell, there is again no certainty. Also, some of your friends might be aware of the way you use the phone. If you are known to handle your set with care, you are likely to get a buyer in a friend or among friends’ friends. Twitter can even find you a buyer in an unknown follower. But be sure to mention the location of the phone. As in online transactions, you might be required to show the handset before peddling it and payment hassles across states can also be avoided that way.

You’ll get more for a phone that looks and works like new than you will for a crusty handset that’s merely limping along. Since you won’t get paid until the buyer inspects your device, you may not wind up with your asking price if the used phone doesn’t match up to expectations. Cleaning your phone, the right way before sending it in is well worth the effort. These few tips will prove to be handy when you are ready with “Where can I sell my old used cell phone?