What we Do

We manufacture and supply Hospital Furniture, Orthopedic Implants, Anesthesia Products, Sanitizer, PPE Kits For Covid 19, Suction Machines, Hospital Supplies and Furniture And Lab ware etc. In fact we have widest range of medical products in India for hospitals, doctors & clinics, surgeons and patients at home.

Many wide range of hospitals and medical center and Some big Wholesalers who take there medical Supplies and hospital Supplies from us because we Sell Quality and Branded product, we have a widest range of Medical and Hospital supplies in Industry We sell All Branded products and We are the Authorized And Trusted Distributors of Welch Allyn And Hillrom we sell Quality product at the best prices in the industry because we are the distributors of medical Supplies and hospital Supplies and We manufacture medical Furniture and So many medical Equipment on ourselves.

Direct Contact No Mediators

We sell to distributors / wholesalers / Doctors / Surgeons / Optometrist/ Medical Clinics and to Patients in all over the world

We sell to distributors / wholesalers who sell our products in their local markets. We believe in providing quality of highest level. The fact that we are in a business which is directly linked to the health and well being of the people makes us more responsible company, and no matter what, no compromises are made. No doubt, life is precious.

Medisure India is manufacturer & suppliers of Medical Equipment, Hospital Supplies, Hospital Medical Supplies, Surgical Instruments And Welch Allyn

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