Depending on whether you are looking for a condominium for yourself or an apartment as an investment, you should consider a few additional aspects.If you want to generate rent as income with your new apartment or if you want to sell the apartment at a profit at a certain time, location, region, infrastructure and energy efficiency are decisive data. Of course, you have to like the property you are buying, but consider whether buying a house in another region with a better return is also an option and exclude your personal factors from the property search. You can choose the four seasons residence Bangkok  there.


Unforeseen developments like upgrading a neighboring residential area, closing a large company or opening up new building land are risks that you have to reckon with at all times. Even losses by careless tenants are not isolated cases. In principle, when buying an investment, you should be able to continue financing the apartment without major problems for several months without rental income.

Buying an apartment as a home

Before you decide to buy instead of rent, you should be sure that the apartment and its surroundings suit you and your requirements. And not just in the next two years, but ideally at least for the next 10. The ancillary purchase costs such as brokerage commission, notary and land registry costs and real estate transfer tax should have paid off over the period of use.

Financing an apartment: how it works

The housing financing must be carefully calculated, because after all, in most cases it is about a significant loan amount.

So that you know which price segment is right for you, you need to know the monthly income available for the loan rates. Household calculator is a good help. On the other hand, you should list how much equity you have available. This does not count towards the credit on your checking account or savings book, but also other assets such as a building society contract.

Determine the budget

As soon as you know the equity and the monthly scope for the real estate loan, you can use our budget calculator to determine how expensive the apartment can be. Please note that this budget must also be sufficient for the additional purchase costs.

Obtain and compare offers

Are you looking for an apartment that fits the budget? Then get at least one financing offer, better several. Comparison calculator helps your Work Productivity to find the optimal financing offer for your apartment purchase.