Not always easy to know when and how to use advertising objects, as part of your communication strategy. Thanks to the communication by the object, a company can “rent” an advertising space on the long term within its audience because consumers will use it regularly and will keep it. Easily memorable it increases the effect desired by companies and offers a wide distribution.

It is synonymous with a gift and therefore arouses interest in the recipient and optimizes the values ​​of the company. The object is the only medium for which you will receive 100% thanks. In addition, the low cost compared to other media and its significant impact makes it a very popular communication tool for advertisers for product branding.

The objectives of using an object in your communication campaign

To know how to use advertising objects in your communication campaign you must determine your objectives:

  • Getting known
  • Strengthening the brand image and notoriety
  • Developing customer loyalty
  • Optimizing business relationships
  • Team building
  • Boosting turnover

Offering an advertising gift can meet many of your communication objectives. Whether internally or externally, a personalized object will always be a good idea and will always please those who receive it. Almost all objects can be personalized. So you can find an idea for any occasion. This is why using an advertising object will always be a worthwhile investment.

Even to welcome your new employees there are welcome gifts. For example offer the Day-box, a unique concept which allows welcoming a new employee, to greet a retirement. It’s a nice personalized box and a selection of useful objects and in the theme of your choice.

How to use promotional items: different occasions

The advertising object can be used on many occasions:

  • Business or end-of-year gift: to thank a client, an employee or a partner. We also speak of a loyalty gift to maintain a commercial relationship.
  • During commercial events with a small product of low unit value, distributed in large quantities. We usually talk about goodies.
  • During product launch, distributing a promotional item is ideal.
  • For Incentives: offering a personalized object as a motivational gift or stimulus gift is a great reward for encouraging your employees.
  • Derivatives: often used in the cinema, a derivative product is an object marked and sold like, for example, toys derived from children’s films beware of very strong regulations regarding security and counterfeiting
  • In internal: Your employees are your best ambassadors. They will be proud to wear your colors or to use a useful and practical object every day.

You want to develop the notoriety of your brand

Developing brand awareness involves highlighting its values, know-how, history and commitment. Taking care of its reputation means gaining credibility with its customers and prospects. A media object can be the perfect vector of your values ​​and your image. Do you care about the environment? Offer personalized eco-friendly products.

You can also choose products related to your industry. Are you in the sport? Offer tennis balls, personalized golf balls or sports bags embroidered with your brand name or personalized towels.Do you prefer new technologies? Power-banks or backup batteries with your light logo or pretty notepads will be perfect.