Generators serves as a dependable source of supplying electricity to the appliances and tools in your home . This generator comprises an intuitive control panel, a hardened steel frame with roll bars to protect the fuel tank, and a durable rubber outlet cover. The generator is lightweight and compact and is thus easy to carry wherever you go. This generator comprises of yellow touchpoints to identify its important features to serve as a convenient guide for the user.

It is easy to maintain and its convenient OHV engine features an automatic low oil shut off and a built-in fuel gauge to protect the core components of the engine from any catastrophic damage. The generator comprises of a 4-gallon fuel tank and with 15 Liters of fuel, it can run constantly for 26 hours straight. Thus you can satisfy all your power needs day and night. You can protect it with water-resistant rubberized covers. In case something goes wrong with your generator then it is important that you take help from generator repair in Delhi, from authentic service providers

Maintenance tips for generators:

  1. Store the generator properly: The engines of generators can get damaged when they are subjected to weather and moisture. Ensure that the generator is stored in a dry place. Before taking it outdoors, wipe its exteriors, ensure that the tank is full, and also add a fuel stabilizer. Change the oil and the oil filter, and also drain the fuel and the lines.
  2. Service the generator regularly: It is important to service the generator frequently. When the unit is idle, the fuel line can clog, the engine can suffer wear and tear, etc. Depending on the model of the generator you choose, follow the servicing protocol.
  3. Never use old fuel on the generator: It is important that you use only fresh fuel in the engine. Old fuel can actually create a build-up in the engine that can decrease the performance. Keep the generator unit filled with fresh fuel.
  4. Run the generator at least once a month: Regular use of the generator is the best way to guarantee the proper functioning of the unit. It also helps in discovering issues, before they become a major problem. Run the generator frequently, even if it is in storage.
  5. Lubricate the generator regularly: Oil is a vital element that nourishes any gas-powered generator. Similar to the car engine, one has to make sure that their generator is lubricated adequately at all times. A well-lubricated generator also has low noise levels.
  6. Make sure that the batteries are kept clean: Ensure that the battery lines of the generator are always kept clean. Monitor the battery line and make sure that they are kept free from any build-up.

What should you do if your generator gets repaired?

There are a number of generator service in Delhi who offer both repair and maintenance services. In case you feel that your generator has given way, contact them for easy and early repairs.