To get the actual price of your gold, you should go for the Melbourne gold market. This is the market where gold bullions are bought and sold. In this market, 1 oz gold bullion is sold at a price of $2,862.

Gold bars are a form of gold that is shaped like a bar by melting gold. These are some of the examples of gold bullion. In the Melbourne market, you have to keep faith on dealers when you want to sell gold. This bullion market is an Australian operated and owned gold market, where customers can avail the latest prices and many more facilities for both buying and selling.

Latest testing machine for gold

Melbourne gold bullion market is running with complete authenticity. The amount of gold, which is to be sold, is tested by the latest XRF machine. XRF stands for X-Ray Fluorescence, with which you can measure the accuracy of contained gold. It is very useful for buyers to check the amount of gold and get satisfied. It is also the paramount equipment to sell gold bullion Melbourne because by selling the original amount you can be a trustworthy seller.

The selling price of gold bullion

The price of gold is the highest for selling in the Melbourne gold market. The price varies with the weight of gold. In this market, you can sell 1/4th oz gold bullion for $729. The price hikes with the weight of gold. One can sell even 1 Kilo gold bullion for $ 86,664. There are many prices in accordance with the weight in between 1/4th oz and 1 Kilo. You can be able to get an idea by these prices and can check the price online too.

Advantageous and trustworthy market

This market is offering you cash on the spot of dealing. There is no middle man for taking a commission. You can choose your dealer by entering the market and be a witness of the transparency of this market. You can trust the dealer for getting the highest price by selling your gold if you need cash. The deal is done right away. The gold is measured in front of you to test accuracy.

Finding the actual spot to sell

You don’t need to get confused as the price will not differ from one place to another in this market. It is a completely safe and secure market to buy and sell gold and get the best possible price for selling it. One should know that private vaults offer no security. Private vaults are not insured because the contents are unknown. If you want to sell gold, then definitely you need money. Here you get the correct price, which is tagged by a specialized team. This team will measure your amount of gold in front of you and will give you the opportunity to earn maximum profit.


So, you can easily avail of these facilities of this bullion market for selling your gold. Keep in your mind that the gold should be contained in the bank’s vaults, as these are insured.