You could almost forget it, but you can still network very offline but behind your glass. You have to be well prepared for successful business by referral tips.

  1. Know where you are having a drink

On Online Tuesday, for example, online marketers hang out with their legs every month. This week is also buzzing with the fast-growing tech entrepreneurs. But if you trade in clothing or your business model has nothing to do with online, you have little to look for besides free beer. But you realize: it doesn’t have to be hip to deliver business returns. Your trade association or local Chamber of Commerce will organize regular meetings where you run into gold buyers or suppliers.

  1. Set your goals

That follows from the environment and the participants of the network drink that you visit. Are there potential customers walking around? Then agree with yourself how many follow-up conversations you want to score at least. Are you still exploring your market or are you looking for partners? Then try to collect and remember as much information as possible.

  1. Be on time

Very artistic, to sail in fashionably late but a networking drink is a business deal, and should therefore be treated as such. We prefer to arrive too early to explore the battle site. The host will give you a hand, and of course you will ask who the other guests are. Just scan the list, and our priority list of people you necessarily want to speak to is already ready.

  1. Don’t attack difficult snacks

A very practical one: shaking hands with a glass of beer in one hand and a snack that is as exotic as it is complicated to keep intact is bad. Keep 1 hand the right one free.

  1. Back straight, shoulders back

Drinking is not a play, but it does show that you are here because of your success.

  1. Find like-minded people

Of course it is quite scary, such a room full of strangers. Fortunately, they have about the same feeling. If you are not a huge hero in strangers’ entrepreneurs are sometimes just people you first look for someone who look compatible. It will then be the turn of that highest boss.

  1. Do not immediately ask about the known route

If you want to break the ice with “what are you doing?” follows a gray-turned long-playing record about a successful business model. More original pickup lines are conceivable. But don’t make it too creative. “Are you so busy too?” can be fine. “What’s your biggest blunder this week?” is something to think of. But whatever you ask: listen. And keep asking, just to show that you really pay full attention to your conversation partner. You are probably not an accomplished actor, so people are stung by feigned interest.