Samuel Leach, CEO and founder of Samuel & Co Trading, inspires up-and-coming foreign exchange (also known as forex, FX) and algo-traders worldwide. Through his company’s hands-on educational initiatives, Leach’s tried-and-true model challenges the conventions of one-size-fits-all tactics. His initiatives include the Real Forex Trader Series 2, a Youtube competition show where traders compete for victory. In the recent episode titled, Interrogation, Why You?, the show highlights each competitor’s unique life experiences and what makes them uniquely qualified to win the competition. The episode reveals that while hard work, determination, and commitment are all necessary traits towards becoming a successful trader, traders of all ranges of expertise can enhance their skills under Leach’s education.

About the Program’s Leader, Sam Leach

Samuel Leach grew up in a working-class family in England. His father, a cartographer, neglected to enroll himself in any professional development. In favor of global positioning systems (GPS), cartography jobs no longer exist. This unfortunately rendered his father’s skills antiquated. At an early age, this informed Leach about the power of continuing professional education.

Ironically, Leach had a poor experience with an FX trading course early in his studies at the University of Hertfordshire. Though his experience had nothing to do with the university, a local schooling option for Leach, he was consequently forced to teach himself the art of paper trading. He used a student loan of 2,000 Great Britain Pounds (GBP) to trade from 16 to 18 hours a day over 12 to 18 months. He eventually turned that 2,000 GBP into over 170,000 GBP. This experience not only sprung him into the world of trading, but also into recognizing his potential to educate up-and-coming traders with similar aspirations.

The Real Forex Trader Series 2

Leach founded Samuel & Co trading in 2012, a move that forged his path towards becoming a leader in foreign exchange trading education. The company assembled around 60 traders working on live accounts in a 50-50 profit share arrangement. From here, he took his techniques a step further through running accredited training and education courses for new traders. Eight years later, Samuel & Co stretches from England to Madrid. 

What makes his methods so successful are their appeal at any level of experience. His initiatives enable each trader, whether at the beginner or advanced stage, gain practical benefits to improve their trading. His system also generates consistent returns and offers traders with initial capital to actually make money. For example, most traders at Samuel & Co complete the Junior Trader Program. The Program uniquely offers participants the chance to cash out up to 20,000 GBP to trade with. 

On Wednesday, April 29th, Samuel & Co’s YouTube channel launched The Real Forex Trader Series 2. The program takes place over four weeks in the United Kingdom. It is filmed for other traders to “binge-watch” and learn from the extreme intellectual challenges and advice provided to them from the program’s founders. For the series, eighteen applicants are selected and thrown into “the deep end of the financial markets.” Each participant trades with a Demo account, followed by a live account with Samuel & Co trading. Participants are mentored by Samuel Leach and a team of experts on how to improve their craft and ensure long-term trading success.

Interrogation: Why You?

In the episode titled “The Real Forex Trader Series 2: Interrogation, Why You?” each trader was interrogated to see why they should win, how their performance thus far, and who they thought the weakest link on their team was. In the interrogation, Leach and his teammates also asked why the competitor thought they would be a good trader and what they would bring to business. Each competitor discussed the unique life experiences that shaped their work ethic and enhanced their strength. These experiences included heart-wrenching personal hardships, such as falling off a 40,000 foot bridge, getting into a car accident while under the influence, and caring for sick parents.

Some competitors also discussed how trading has already impacted their lives. One person mentioned how they discovered trading two or three years ago, and how it changed their whole mentality about how to invest. He has since decided to go all in on that career path and pursue trading full time. Their story emphasizes how Leach’s programs benefit students at both the brand-new and intermediate levels. 

Once the interrogations ended, all competitors were gathered in front of Leach and his staff. Leach identified the strongest competitor, a young woman who identified her leadership skills within her team as her greatest strength. During her interrogation earlier in the day, she discussed how her mother’s absence was a catalyst to the loneliest moment of her life. It was from this experience that she became independent at a young age, consequently developing her leadership skills.After deciding on a leader, Leach then identified the two weakest links among the competitive cohort. This followed an exercise from earlier in the afternoon where each competitor was asked to identify the weakest competitor on their team. 

After announcing who he defined as the weakest competitors, Leach spoke on his impressions of the interrogations and imposed some wisdom for the competitors moving forward in the game. Leach explained that “if on my team I’m the weakest, I expect to be voted [as the weakest]. I don’t expect someone to cover for me.” This highlights how Leach values accountability in up-and-coming traders, especially when those traders are working as a team to win. He also expressed the importance of being humble in affirming that the competition is designed “to put you through places where you become uncomfortable…you’re not going to be an expert in everything you do. It’s absolutely critical that you understand and be honest with yourself.” This exemplifies the need for up-and-coming traders to self-evaluate and motivate themselves to improve on areas of weakness while remaining encouraged to explore challenging new skills and tactics.

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