Consumers have more options than ever before when they are choosing where and with whom to conduct their business. In a competitive market, it is vital to make clients feel appreciated and important to the business.

Other than providing excellent customer service and a superior product, personalizing the relationship between business and client can be a major contributing factor to ongoing successful business relationships. One of the best ways to ensure that the client feels special and important is the giving of corporate gifts for clients.

Gift giving can be a tricky business, but there are many ways to make the process simple, impactful, and memorable. A client will appreciate a thoughtful gift rather than something general but extravagant. There are a few key things to keep in mind when considering what to give as corporate gifts for clients.


As a client-business relationship is formed, there may be personal details that the client reveals about themselves. These might be simple things, but often these details are the root to finding a thoughtful gift. It is a good idea to note down little details as the client shares them.

Do they enjoy bourbon? Are they a non-drinker? Do they have children? Do they write everything long hand? These details can tell as much about what to give as what not to give. For instance, never give a non-drinker a bottle of wine. A client that writes by hand will appreciate a nice pen more than one that keeps all their information digitally.

Whether a gift is given in person or delivered, include some details in the gift giving that draws attention to the reason behind the gift. The client will appreciate the attention to detail as much as the gift itself.

Maximize Impact

Many businesses send gifts on major holidays, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. It is a mistake to limit scope and thinking to these holidays alone. Sending a thoughtful gift for the client’s birthday could be more impactful than sending a Christmas gift that might be lost in the chaos of the season.

Limit Branding

It is important to include the company logo somewhere on the gift, but this should be limited to the letterhead on an included note or something else tasteful and low impact. Putting the company logo front and center might be off putting to the client and draw attention away from the personal relationship that the business is trying to maintain.

Don’t Overdo It

A thoughtful gift does not have to be an expensive gift. It is important to consider the scope of the relationship between client and business and pick a gift that is reasonable in comparison. If the client pays $1000 a year for the business’ services, a gift that costs $500 would be excessive. The business should determine a budget for gifts that is reasonable.

There are many thoughtful, but inexpensive gifts that are available.

A Few Ideas

Journals or notebooks. Moleskin or leather notebooks can be purchased inexpensively and given to clients that enjoy writing or have mentioned that they journal. There are also sketchbook options for an artistic client.

Alcohol making kits. There are beer and gin making kits available that a crafty client with an interest in alcohol might enjoy.

Pet gifts. If the client talks about their cat or dog, they would likely appreciate a gift for them. There are many pet boxes that can be purchased online with a variety of toys and treats inside.

Other options include restaurant gift cards, gourmet baskets, headphones, coffee or tea, and coffee mugs.