Medical facilities can function without the right kind of medical gloves. It is mandatory for all medical personnel and practitioners to wear medical grade gloves that have been approved by FDA. There are many reasons behind this but one of the most important reasons is that medical working environments are sensitive in nature. Medical personnel need to wear medical gloves because they are always working in environments that are full of disease causing pathogens.

Medical gloves prevent cross-contamination in medical facilities and they prevent the transfer of disease causing pathogens from medical personnel to patients and vice-versa. Medical gloves are excellent for hand protection. These gloves offer an enhanced grip and great touch sensitivity. Medical gloves are mainly made from natural rubber and latex or nitrile. Latex used to the most preferred material for making medical gloves for several years but because of rising instances of latex allergies, there has been a definite shift from latex gloves to nitrile gloves in medical facilities. Let’s have a look at the main benefits of medical gloves.

  • To Prevent Cross-Contamination: – One of the main uses of medical gloves is to prevent cross-contamination. In medical facilities, germs and other disease causing pathogens travel both ways and there’s a chance of patients infecting nurses and vice-versa. Medical personnel wear medical gloves because they often come in contact with blood, mucus and other bodily fluids, while treating patients. Therefore, it is important for all medical personnel such as nurses and caregivers and physicians to wear medical gloves while they are examining patients or treating them. Medical gloves protect medical personnel from different types of infections that might be carried by patients.

  • For Hand Protection: – Medical gloves are highly-resistant to different chemicals and physical hazards. These gloves not only prevent cross-contamination but they are excellent in ensuring hand protection. Medical personnel use different kinds of drugs and chemicals to treat patients and medical gloves save the medical personnel from exposure to such drugs and chemicals. Further, medical personnel use different tools and equipment like needles and surgical knives and they run the high-risk of getting piercings and cuts on their hands, if their hands are not protected by medical gloves. Most medical gloves are quite tough and they can protect the hands from different hazards which can cause cuts, bruises and piercings on hands.

  • To Enhance Grip and Touch Sensitivity: – Medical gloves are mainly of two types, they are either surgical gloves or exam gloves. Exam grade medical gloves are used by medical personnel like physicians and nurses during routine medical exams and medical checkups. On the other hand, surgical grade medical gloves are worn by surgeons and other operation theater staff for carrying out surgical procedures. Most medical gloves in today’s day and age have been specifically designed with sufficient texture and finger thickness to ensure dexterity, enhanced grip and maximum tactile sensitivity.

The Bottom Line

There you go. Those were the main reasons why medical gloves are used by medical personnel in medical facilities around the world. There are a lot of benefits that can be availed from their use and their importance can be gauged from the fact that their usage is mandatory as per FDA.