Magnets are used for various industrial purposes and they play an essential role in our lives. However, most of the users ignore a very important fact that a magnet requires the same level of care and maintenance just like any other thing. The longevity can be extended only when it is properly taken care of. If you use a magnet for manufacturing purpose or if it is a part of your regular job, you will understand how much it is important to take care of them. With the right steps, one can easily maintain it for a longer duration.

  1. Magnets have to be properly stored:

Proper storage of the magnets in the right fashion can enhance its life. There are three essential tips to do so.

  • Use a keeper to store– Make use of a keeper to prevent the magnet from getting demagnetized. An iron piece is added on a temporary basis between the two poles of a magnet.
  • Always keep the magnet in pair– One of the best ways to keep your magnet safe is by preventing the north and south pole of the magnet to touch one another. The magnetic field gets weaker in the long run if both the poles constantly keep on touching one another.
  • Keep them in a safe place– Do not keep your magnets in a moist environment because it leads to decay. The magnet strength gets highly affected if it gets rusted. The laminate gets bubbled if they are stored in a wet area. However, if you are storing it in a wet place, make sure to use magnets which are water-resistant.
  1. Maintain the strength

There are various factors that can affect the strength of a magnet- high temperature and electrical currents. To prevent the weakening of the magnets, it is important to consider both of these factors for preserving its strength.

  • Preserve it in a suitable temperature– The chemical and physical properties of a magnet get reduced if they come in close contact with high temperatures and they continue to get reduced until there is no longer any strength left in it.
  • Keep it away from strong currents– This is done to prevent the magnet from losing its magnetic field, which ultimately leads to demagnetization.

Look for a magnet company that not only has different types of magnets but also has a proper understanding of its working and the ways to maintain them.