Are you a yogi and looking for a better mat for your practice? Or perhaps you are just starting out and need to find a mat that is best suited for your practice. You can try all of the rubber mats on the market, but you won’t find any that are quite like a cork yoga mat (and no, cork isn’t just for wine bottles!).

What makes a cork yoga mat so special? Below, we will look at some of the many benefits of using an organic yoga mat (being a cork mat) for your practice as opposed to a rubber mat. We will look at how it can benefit your practice, as well as ways that it can benefit the environment. Let’s dive right in.

Benefits of a Cork Yoga Mat on the Environment

As you may have guessed, cork is an organic substance. It comes from nature and is completely sustainable. Cork yoga mats are made from cork which is sourced from cork oak tree bark.

What’s more? Cork oak tree bark grows back almost immediately, making it a renewable resource. In addition, cork oak trees absorb more carbon dioxide while they are stripped of their bark, which means that each time the bark is stripped to make a yoga mat, the air is being cleared of more CO2. When using organic yoga mats, you are using a 100% sustainable resource.

Benefits of a Cork Yoga Mat for Practice

There are several reasons why cork yoga mats are great for your yoga practice. Here are some of them:

  • Cork is lightweight and durable. If you are lugging your mat from your home to your studio every time you practice, then you are going to want something that is lightweight and not too bulky. However, just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean that it’s flimsy. A cork yoga mat is perfect for travel because it isn’t heavy and bulky, but it is also very durable and sturdy. It won’t begin to wear down easily.
  • Cork is antimicrobial. Using one of these mats can cut down on the amount of bacteria that accumulates on the mat. Rubber yoga mats can house several bacterias and odors if not properly cleaned after every use. However, a cork mat is naturally antimicrobial meaning that bacteria and germs won’t stick to it nearly as easily.
  • It offers great grip. As most yogis know, a durable, non-slip mat is very important for practice. Wet or dry, a cork mat offers non-slip grip for maximum performance in the studio (or home).

If you are looking for an excellent yoga mat that will satisfy all of your yoga needs and is environmentally friendly, then check out organic cork yoga mats. They are sure to give you exactly what you are looking for in a mat. Enjoy your practice while knowing that you are using a product that is 100% sustainable and good for the environment. Cork yoga mats are the next big thing in yoga.