It is a prerequisite to clean the dirt, present at the bottom of the pool on a regular basis. This helps in maintaining the pool in a proper manner.

Having a swimming pool at home is an ultimate luxury. However, it is a prerequisite clean it on a regular basis. In case you have a swimming pool of your own, you can opt for the below-mentioned methods in order to clean it:

Robotic pool cleaners

There is no doubt in the fact that maintaining on ground pools is a challenging work There are times when a sediment layer gets settled at the bottom part of the swimming pool.

The robotic pool cleaners contribute to being the most suitable option in this regard as they will be helpful in vacuuming and scrubbing the surface of the pool within the time session of few hours.

Though they involve a huge cut off from the pocket, they stand out of the ordinary in terms of performance. They are definitely worth the investment, primarily considering the total count of time, you are going to save.

However, few differences exist between in-ground pool cleaners and above-ground pool cleaners. For instance, in-ground pool cleaners are capable of cleaning the walls of the pool.

The above-ground pool cleaners, on the other hand, are designed with an eye to cleaning the pool floor. You should ensure to opt for a robotic pool cleaner which is equipped with the filter. It is useful for the removal of dirt and fine sediment. This will prevent the release of dirt into the pool.

Filters and pumps

The combination of filters and pumps are considered to be a vital option for the removal of fine debris from the water of the swimming pool. The pump promotes the circulation of water via the filter and is useful for the removal of the fine particles.

The filters are known to be filled with diatomaceous earth, sand and it stands second to none in the removal of chlorine odors and fine particles.

The pool pumps are known to function for the time duration of eight hours on a daily basis. The combination of filter and pump is beneficial for the removal of floating and suspended particles.

However, they are not a suitable option in order to clean the debris, that is present at the bottom part of the pool.

Application of pool floc treatment

There are times, when you may witness that the sediment is settling back way too soon after vacuuming the swimming pool.

This may occur owing to the presence of the suspended particles in the water of the pool. IN case you find that the water of the pool is looking a bit cloudy, you may opt for the pool floc.

The pool flocs play a vital role in the removal of sediment and dirt from the bottom of the swimming pool. Though a clarifier can be an ideal choice in this regard, the flocs are known to function at a better and faster rate.


In case you are a newbie to the swimming pool care, it may appear a bit surprising to you. However, it is essential that the walls of the pool need to be scrubbed with the aid of the stiff brush, with the presence of water in the pool.

This stands second to none in loosening all the debris which is found to cling to the pool wall. They move to the bottom part of the swimming pool and it can be removed from the bottom of the pool in no time.

It is recommended to brush the walls of the swimming pool on a weekly basis, primarily in the season of swimming and the pump needs to be turned off at the same time. A vacuum plays a vital role in the removal of the debris, which is present in the bottom.

In vacuuming, you need to move the head of the vacuum over the debris, present in the bottom of the swimming pool. You need to continue doing this till the bottom of the pool becomes clean.

Opt for automatic pool cleaners

You need to put some effort in order to remove the fine debris present in the water with the aid of automatic pool cleaners.

However, all the automatic cleaners are not similar. There are few models that are capable of the removal of debris and depositing the same into the filter of the pool. There are a few brands which are self-contained.

Such models are useful in filling the swimming pool with fresh water. There are a bunch of automatic pool cleaners which are robotic and they are self-contained at the same time. Few of them are controlled by remotes and it is possible to maneuver them from the outer part of the pool.


It is recommended to go for a skimmer flap which is useful for the prevention of debris from entering the pool again.

YOu require emptying it after which it should be washed off in a complete manner. As soon as you replace the same, you require turning the setting of the filter to the backwash after which the pump should be turned on. This is useful in the removal of the debris from the filter.

After the time duration of a few minutes, you require setting the filter to the rinse. Next, to this, wait for some time. At the final stage, you require setting the filter to closed after which you should be cleaning the leaf trap out.


Fine debris like dirt, sand, and dust may get settled at the bottom of the pool. Most of the pool cleaning options involves the usage of pool skimmers where the larger items like insects and leaves are removed.

However, the fine matter gets settled at the bottom part of the swimming pool, leading to the formation of a sediment layer. In order to ensure that the bottom of the pool is clean, you need a pool cleaner or the perfect combination of filter and pump.

You can ensure the hygiene and health of your family members by cleaning the swimming pool on a regular basis with the aid of the above-mentioned methods.