‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ is a holiday that aims to make the world a better place. Celebrated on the 17th February every year, it’s a day encouraging people to spread a little positivity into the world. It’s true that sometimes the smallest acts can make the biggest impact. So, why not send joy to your loved ones and acquaintances by sending thoughtful gourmet gift baskets from Peter & Paul’s Gifts? Our products feature delicious and unique treats and snacks that can make anyone’s day special. Read further and discover products that are perfect for this holiday.

  1. Savoury Satisfaction

This box is specially designed and packed with snacks inspired by olives and comes with a potted succulent that can brighten up any space.

The Tarani Sauvignon Blanc White is a wine that delivers white grapefruit, ripe gooseberry and pear along with floral flavours. It is soft and round bodied with medium acidity that keeps everything popping and fresh. The Olive Tray is sleek, classic and elegantly designed to hold and serve your favourite olives. The Deluxe Mixed Nuts has an assortment of crowd favourite nuts including almonds, cashews, and pistachios. The Beldi Olive Black Tapenade has a rich taste which is blended with garlic, sundried tomatoes, and capers.

  1. Entertainer’s Delight Small

This wooden wine crate is packed with handpicked items that are perfect to be shared with friends and family.


The Elby Board is a cheese board made out of bamboo and ideal to serve any kind of fresh cheese on. The Succulent Wrapped in Burlap can add life to any living area. The Collection 82 Peaches are made in Ohio and contain sweet peaches that are sliced and can be had with any dessert. The Real Treat Dark Chocolate Chunk with Smoked Pecans are made using Real Treat’s traditional butter cookies, premium dark chocolate and house smoked pecans.

  1. Perfect Pairing

This gourmet crate can be customized with an engraving and contains everything required for a charcuterie night. It is packed with olives, red wine, cheese, fresh salami and much more.

The Sensi Cabernet Red Wine is ruby red in colour and has a distinctive grassy smell. Its taste is soft, dry and harmonious with a ripe blackberry flavour that lingers. The Baked with Love by Buitenman Cheddar Biscuits are homemade and baked using high-quality ingredients. The Boutique Brand Peanut Brittle has a crispy yet buttery texture and is loaded with nuts.

  1. Gourmet Group Share

This beautiful basket is crammed with handpicked items ranging from savoury to sweet snacks such as olives and toffee peanuts.

My Mother’s Olives are marinated to perfection. The Old Dominion Butter Toffee Peanuts are made using 4 simple ingredients – peanuts, salt, butter, and sugar. The peanuts are roasted to perfection and coated with a generous amount of homemade toffee glaze. The Regina Cappuccino Truffles have a delicately rich taste. Its chocolate is mixed with a cappuccino flavour and then flaked with a white chocolate crust. The Chrisanthidis Delights Must Cookies with Raisin incorporates a traditional Greek recipe that comes together brilliantly with fresh ingredients to deliver a mouthwatering snack. The Lenzi Cioccolosi Biscuits are shortbread biscuits covered in cocoa and can be paired with wine or a cup of coffee.

  1. Little Wicker Tray

This wicker tray contains popular favourites such as chips, figs, crackers, and cashews among much more.

The Frantoi Cutrera Eggplant Caponata is made using eggplant, onions, olives and a variety of herbs that come together beautifully in this traditional caponata. It can be eaten with crackers or baguette. The Cartwright and Butler’s Butterscotch Crunch Biscuits have a buttery shortbread with chunks of butterscotch generously sprinkled into the bake, providing amazing results. The Tomato Pesto is a great seasoning for any pasta and can also enhance the flavour of boiled meats and vegetable soup.  The Arte & Vita Pita Crisps, being plant-based, are free from allergen and gluten.

This ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’, spread joy with gourmet gift baskets from Peter & Paul’s Gifts. We have an impressive range of products that can help make this day a memorable one for you and your recipient. Whether you want to provide comfort or spread cheer, our gift baskets are the perfect treat for a friend, loved one or a co-worker.