When a video is created, it almost captures thousands of images in an order. Frame rate is the extent of the individual video frame that a camera captures. It measures the frame rate. Minimum  24 FPS is required to display motion for an image. It also used to measure the frame rate of video games. The maximum the frame rate, the better quality of the graphics is. So, if a high graphics game is playing, the frame per second of that game must be so high that it would not work on old computers or without any external graphics card.

Why does FPS matter?

Frame rate impacts on the style and viewing experience of a video. Low FPS impacts on the quality of a video. The higher you go, the faster and smoother quality of video you can experience. For gaming higher FPS is what a gamer needs, otherwise there will be only glitches, major lag times and poor graphics quality.

How to monitor the FPS?

With the help of Smart Game Booster not only you can measure the frame per second also can increase it. The software offers you to count the frame per second when you play a game.

Process of increasing the frame per second

Smart Games Booster have the right solution to increase the frame per second. The one click button called BOOST works as an FPS booster. It increases the FPS of your game. On your gaming window it will show the CPU & GPU temperature along with the FPS. The BOOST button helps to stop unnecessary background programs to increase the FPS.

Apart from the application there are many processes to increase the FPS.

 Updated Graphics card driver

Graphics card driver is an important element to increase gaming speed. Old graphics cards can have a slow FPS. So, to increase its performance, it’s important to download and install the latest drivers. you can also check your graphic driver status and update it for a better performance.

Overclock CPU and RAM

You can overclock the CPU and RAM. Now, Overclocking the graphics card will be the greatest FPS booster.

Disk and Defragment

 Defragging increases the life of the hard drive. Disk defrag helps to adjust the space of the hard disk for better gaming performance. defragmenters will do a good job of arranging related files together, to create a space for the game.

Power Option

Speaker test In terms of increasing the frame per second proper power option is mandatory. Power options can be changed to high performance, for the game to work better.

Reducing screen Resolution

With higher resolution there is an increasing number of pixels,which can reduce the FPS. Everyone wants to run the game at the same resolution of your PC screen, but in that case the FPS gets a little slower. If resolution is reduced then FPS will increase automatically.