Love is the most unexpected and powerful feeling in the world which one can experience. Every individual whether men or women experiences this powerful feeling at least once in his or her life making him or her attraction to a person of the opposite sex. Moreover, love has no boundaries. An individual has to right to love anyone even of the same sex. Being in love and achieving the same are two class apart situations. The feeling of love can stay etched to one’s heart for a lifetime if one experiences it once in his or her life. High school sweethearts and college couple are the most common tags anyone can get teenage years. However, meeting some unexpectedly and falling in love with that same person is the rarest and most pure occasions like meeting in-cab ride.

Girls wish for several things and want their dream guy to possess all the necessary qualities of a gentleman who is courteous and passionate about his love life. Apart from good and attractive looks with a muscular body, girls look for various other qualities in men. Some of these qualities are listed below:

  • Fun-loving and humorous:

A girl loves a guy who makes her laugh and cheer her up in difficult situations. A guy who through his aura and quirky nature can able to lift anyone’s mood is found to be attractive. Sending funny videos, comedy video and putting a smile on someone’s face are some efforts which make a guy attractive.

  • Romantic:

Women love men who are romantic and are able to express their love freely without fear. Girls love guys who are outspoken and can express their love for someone without any hesitation and fear. Moreover, men who put in efforts for making a girl special about herself through romantic poetry and are true towards his feelings by expressing the same freely tend to be more attractive. Romantic video and movies are true examples displaying men who are able to freely express their love for someone tend to be more attractive.

  • Clean and tidy:

Women love men who are presentable and keep good care of themselves, their surroundings and even people who surround them like his family. Men who wear clean clothes and tend to be tidy are more attractive. However, overdoing the same by showing off like wearing expensive branded clothed and driving fast expensive cars are major turnoffs for women.

  • Caring and good listener:

Men should care about the feeling of their love ones and family members. Men who are caring and listen to the views of other members without interrupting them for presenting their own views or denying with their views tend to be more attractive. Caring and courteous men are loved by one and all. They care for themselves and even people who surround them making them more attractive and likable.

 These qualities can make any men attractive. Moreover, women look for men who are reliable and will never do anything for breaking anyone’s trust and belief. Meeting someone unexpectedly and falling in love with the same person may seem strange but is a dream come true.