Are you starting to be overloaded with information concerning strategies for trading forex? Well experts say that you will be able to perform well in the market if you are equipped with several knowledge regarding trading strategies. This opinion is real but bombarding yourself with too many readings might confuse you. You might end up mixing your strategies all together and misuse them. Allow us to help you with this information regarding  4  Strategies for Currency Trade and when to use them.

1.Transition Trading

The key idea for this strategy is to get into the trade when the charts are in a lower moment. If market rates favor your position, you can either attempt  for higher profit or trail your stop loss on the high moments. Transition trading is good for traders who wish to play safe when trading because the strategy can lower risks via entrance to the lowest point of the market. Additionally, you also get great rewards from insane risk. The main requirement in order to properly execute transition trading is to be knowledgeable with multiple timeframe analysis.

  1. Scalping

The scalping technique in trading forex is quite  tricky to perform. Unless you are willing to battle with a computer generated program, you better save this in the later stage of your trade. In the execution of this strategy, you need to have a tool that reflects the number of buy and sell orders in the trade. This tool is called order flow.  Scalping is designed for techie traders who are willing to pay for the needed software and spend several hours observing market behaviour and reading your newsfeed. This is a tedious strategy to perform but it promises fulfilling income from the various trading opportunities that it offers.

  1. Daytime Trading

This is a fast paced trade as you only have to keep your position for a few minutes to a few hours. Believe me when I say that a trading session for daytime trades normally lasts for just  five to fifteen minutes. A day trader’s primary focus does not concern economic elements. It just requires you to identify the most volatile moment in the market and earn profit from it. This is advisable for persistent traders as you can make a generous amount of money without having to pay overnight risks.

  1. Swing Trading

If you are someone who considers trading as a part time job, swing trading is a strategy that suits you. This medium trend technique in trading allows you to trade for a couple of days to week. As a swing trader, your ultimate task is to locate the swing in the market trend to be able to place a position. To do this, you have to have skills on the application of Support & Resistance, candlestick patterns, and moving average.


You may have noticed that the above mentioned strategies may either contradict and complement each other. It is then necessary to figure out which among these strategies would give you a comfortable and profitable trading experience. Remember to initially focus on the application of a single strategy and seek the advice of experts in case you wish to combine two or more strategies in a single trade.