When marketing a retirement community, it is important that the overall strategy is to build a personal bond with prospective residents. Seniors and their families are looking for a clean, friendly and comfortable place to live. The only way to attract prospects and gain their confidence is to give them a glimpse of how those attributes exist within your facilities.

The most effective way to accomplish that is to host community events. Not only do they provide an opportunity for prospects to explore the community, but they also to engage with the neighborhood and build a rapport with them.

Bingo Night

Bingo is a fun and exciting pass-time for retirement-aged people, and it can pull a lot of people together in one place. Not only that, Bingo Players tend to be loyal when they find a place they like. That creates multiple opportunities to interact and engage with the participants. It also helps to increase word of mouth advertising by impressing bingo players enough that they tell people they know. Having regular bingo sessions gives the regulars a time and place to invite those who are looking for a retirement community. So not only is the community marketing to people directly, but it is also marketing indirectly- through the mouths of the people who can vouch for the facilities and the staff.

Holiday Events

Very often, people who live in a retirement community only have their fellow residents to count on for fun during the holidays. Perhaps their family lives out of town, or they are too far away to enjoy the holidays with them. Nonetheless, the retirement community can take the place of their family, and celebrate the holidays in order to make the facilities feel like home.

Specialty Lunches

People love to get together for lunch and listen to a presentation or learn a new craft. Partner with clubs and associations to host co-sponsor informative luncheons centered around healthcare, finances or insurance. Providing this education empowers the residents while offering valuable information that they both need and want.

Invitation-Only Parties

People love to feel like they are apart of an exclusive group, so why not throw an invitation-only party and invite your guests to the VIP celebration? This type of Florida retirement community event provides a feeling of belonging to the current residents while stirring up curiosity amongst those who have heard of the community but have yet to visit. An invitation-only event will be a perfect occasion for them to finally get acquainted.

Movie Screenings

Instead of taking the entire retirement community to the theater to see a movie, why not bring the theater to the facilities by setting up a movie night. This a great way to bring friends and families of the residents to the community. when planning Florida retirement community events such as movie streaming, it is important to select the movie carefully. The point of it all is to bring everyone together, so choose a movie that Sparks a lot of conversation or excitement, and everyone will sure to gather around.

Backyard Sports Tailgate Parties

Whenever the Superbowl or NFL playoffs come around, everyone is either planning a sports party or looking for one to attend. Give the residents and their friends a place to watch the event, eat snacks, and enjoy the company of other sports enthusiasts. Throw a tailgating party in the backyard area of the community. Bu setting up an outdoors and indoors area, guests can participate in tailgate themed activities outside while watching the even inside.

Without community events, there is no way to impress upon prospective clients that this community is the comfortable, safe and friendly facility they have been looking for. Whether the event is meant to educate or entertain, they create.