Getting approval from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai and various other UAE authorities is a mandatory process of company registration in Dubai. The approvals and certifications must be acquired by local as well as foreign entities willing to start a business in Dubai. Commercial activities in Dubai follow a protocol depending on the business activity and shareholding structure. These commercial activities are also obligated towards a set of approvals. 

Here is the list of authorities involved in the process of company registration in Dubai.

Department of Economic Development in Dubai

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) is a major juridical body that coordinates and supervises the process of Dubai company formation. They also monitor and cater the need of change in company legal form; addition or deletion of a business partner; change in trade name; approving and supervising the business location, modifying trade activities, ascertain the business capital; etc.

Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality (DM) is the civil body of the city that provides an application for initial approval and trade license activation; sanctions and documents clearing in Dubai for trade activity, trade license, business license renewal, change of partner/manager/sponsor, a Dubai Municipality user ID application and so much more.

General Department of Residency and Foreign Affairs

The general department of residency and foreign affairs is a governmental organization that takes care of residencies in UAE that may be required for business professionals that reside in UAE. Various duties that are taken care by this organization are employment entry permit and family entry permit; visa stamping process; change of status on visa or change of profession on the visa; residency cancellation, entry permit for domestic workers; visit visa entry permit, etc.

Ministry of Labour / Tas’heel

Labour requirements are met by the ministry of labour and the process is conducted by their service centers named Tas’heel. Some of the important processes taken place by this ministry are an application as well as the cancellation of labour card and labour contract, work permit application; application for bank guaranty, e-signature card issuing and many other related services.

Other Governmental Departments

There are numerous governmental departments that certify, approve or provide documents clearing in Dubai to different natures of businesses. Some of the chief Dubai governmental departments involved are Dubai Road and Transport Authority RTA; Dubai Civil Aviation; Dubai Customs; Department of Land and Property in Dubai RERA; Dubai Civil Defense; Dubai Cargo Village; Dubai Maritime City; Dubai Ministry of Health; Dubai Ministry of Economy; Dubai Environment Health and Safety; National Media Council; etc.

Need of company formation consultant in Dubai

The crucial part is to deal with the various governmental authorities in Dubai, UAE. These departments have easy procedures and approachable systems of serving business entities. However, understanding the procedure of Dubai business setup, Dubai PRO services and Document clearing Dubai can be a tedious. Moreover, some compulsions such as getting certification from the authorities, getting documents translated into Arabic, etc – can be difficult in an initial phase.

It is also difficult to keep a tab on the changing requirements and fluctuating commercial laws of the UAE. Hence a company formation consultant can take care of all the requirements and documentation related to company registration in Dubai. This does not only help ease Dubai company registration but also speeds up the entire business setup process.

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