Life’s beautiful. And easy. And so much fun. And convenient. All because of electronics and gadgets!

I mean you do not have to apply all the force to whisk ingredients for a cake. Or clean the house with a broom. Ah, these are of the past now. With all the innovations that have been taking place (in case you were sleeping), you can switch on the fan while you relax on your couch. You can even open a door while you lay in thy bed. Apart from this, advancements in heating systems are also a thing you should know about. Now you can even get Boiler Breakdown Cover to protect your homes – and your pocket! What more would you need! However, there is one thing you must possess – smart decision-making power! You can’t let yourself be lured by these shiny new appliances. Do your research first and then decide.

Let’s just have a look at how some electronics and appliances have made life easy for us.

Smart Appliances

After smartphones, smart appliances are a thing now. You will feel a big change when you bring one or more smart appliances to your home. ‘Smart’ here means that you can operate the appliances using your smartphones or tablets. Almost all the households have access to Wi-Fi. And taking advantage of it, the companies are now coming up with smart appliances that you can connect to the network. Intelligent, isn’t it? Some examples of smart appliances include:

  • Smart range
  • Smart laundry machines
  • Family hub refrigerator


As a child, ‘The Jetsons’ would have fascinated you. Well, little did you know that you will make it to the time when it will all become a reality. In case you are not familiar, iRobots are a thing now. They assist in cleaning your place. Actually assist is the wrong word. Because the robots need no assistance. And they clean the whole place better than twenty of you working together. Ouch! A brutal truth!

Vents or No Vents?

Ventless dryers are another intelligent creation by God knows who. But yeah, the point being that the dryers that do not need a vent to save space and of course energy. Wondering where the water goes? The clothes drink it. Nah- it is a rather cool technology. Air is heated and passes through the clothes. After that, the air cools in a special chamber and the water condenses into a container. The condensed water empties into a drain. The air then reheats and the cycle continues.

Things Are Steamin’

Credit where it is due. The steam laundry is another blessing in disguise. Are you wondering how it is such a big invention? Because it lets you get rid of the odor, those stubborn stains and the ugly wrinkles (on the clothes) in one go. You do not need to iron your clothes separately. You get good smelling clothes that are wrinkle-free when you take them out.

Wash! Wash! Wash!

This is how new washing machines have made lives easier for you. They have freed you from the confusion of adding the large and small loads together. Coming with two compartments, you can now actually add small loads separately. Therefore, allowing you to save time and energy. The confusion free washing is an added bonus.

What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

Technologies are evolving. And so are the ways of cooking. So, you do not need to worry about cooking all those packaged foods now. Just scan the barcode and the app will send you the instructions. Talk about convenience.


Have you ever noticed that the cookies in a tray don’t all bake at the same time? The ones at the back (near the thermostat) cook differently than the ones in the front. But this problem has been addressed and solved by convection ovens. They have a fan that circulates the air throughout the oven. Hence, maintaining an even temperature inside the oven.

Door within a Door

Referring to refrigerators here. These refrigerators save energy. And let you access ONLY the item you need. So, if it’s a beer that you fancy, you do not need to expose the other items to warm air from outside. Just open that very compartment, grab a drink and enjoy your night.

Now that’s a lot of fancy stuff! And you know exactly what fancy things you need. A cover. Because let’s face it, these technological goods come at a hefty price. And you cannot afford to buy them again and again. Therefore, you can sign up for covers like the best boiler covers or the best electronics covers. Once done, you can live your days in peace. Next time an appliance gives you trouble, you wouldn’t stress about it.

But do invest in these appliances. Because it’s all fun and games until you have to put an effort to wash the dishes or clean that room.