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Call me crazy for a good painting – I don’t care. Because I absolutely love the way a beautiful painting, perched onto any wall, can completely transform the entire ‘feel’ of a room. And this happens not only because of the amazing color combinations but also due to the intricate designs of the piece. If you’re an overly imaginative person like me, you can never go wrong with an abstract painting. These tend to come without any ‘stable’ subject matter. And in doing so, they aim to exercise their viewers’ creative faculties – allowing them to believe exactly what they want to believe. Now doesn’t that just sound incredibly exciting? As a closet painter myself, I secretly like to load up many interesting abstract designs through my  account. And once I have all the canvas dimensions fully figured out, I get right to the coloring job.


When ‘Artists’ Become Thieves

In my life, I’ve learned that you should never delay a creative exercise for too long. Because there exist good chances that all your wonderfully-inspired ideas might slip right through your fingertips. And into the conscience of another artist – before you even come to grips with what you may have lost! As a creative individual who tends to make a living out of my artistic productions – of rhyme, prose, and paint (you name it) – I recognize this problem only too well. I’ve even had some of my ‘friends’ (for lack of a better word) steal some of my ideas – and use them for their own monetary ends. I don’t, of course, interact with these people (read: thieves) anymore. But this real-life example just goes to show how fragile the lifecycle of an idea can be.

And how prone to getting wasted!

Nowadays, you can get many abstract and other contemporary paintings from a whole bunch of online retailers. And I don’t only mean those cheap and utterly brainless Picasso and Van Gough imitations you find in country fairs! I’m referring to the ‘good stuff’ that is neither too expensive, nor too lacking in artistic merit. The Walmart, Costco and Home Depot websites are some good places to start – if you’re looking to take your credit card out for a quick painting shopping spin.  

Beautifying Your Rooms with Good Color & Furniture Combos

Two good ways to decorate your walls is to think in terms of room color and furniture combinations.

When you are out shopping for some paintings, try to look for the colors that either match or complement (through striking contrasts) your existing color arrangements. In this respect, you should know that some colors simply don’t get along well with each other. I’m talking shocking pinks and deep-in-the-pit blacks here, as well as mahogany gold shades paired with painful blood red tones. In my book, attempting to put these color patterns together (along with numerous others like them) amounts to a serious offense. A travesty of the senses. And when I come across a mismatched color combo in my acquaintances’ living spheres, I actually tend to freak out!

And not, as you may imagine, in a good way.

Matching your paintings in line with your current furniture pieces is another way to go about beautifying your living space. Some modern paintings depict elaborate portraits of different people (not all of them celebrities). And personally speaking, I happen to hate having other people’s eyes, noses, foreheads and ears showcased so prominently on my walls. I feel that I should charge them a small advertising fee – before allowing them some publicity at my expense. My friends say that this is a strange way to look at this issue. But we all have our own little personality quirks, right? If you’re an artist, you’ll understand.

As a rule, antique furniture pieces go well with paintings of ‘classical architecture’ and countryside sceneries. These lend a smooth, visual experience for the people who visit your house for the first time, and they blend in perfectly with everything else in the room.

Buying Customized Paintings from Dealers

If you have an existing wallpaper layering on your walls, then you can do well with impressionist paintings. Most of these productions can easily be ordered on the internet these days from individual artists. Also, they do tend to be a bit more expensive than their more generic supermarket counterparts. Through my Frontier Online Deals package, I like to keep a constant check on any new art dealers in my vicinity. And using my stellar price negotiation skills (which I’ve managed to develop over a decade of buying & selling art), I normally manage to strike quite a bargain.