Every living room has a space for coffee tables, but did you know that smart coffee tables can save a lot of your interior space? Quirky statement pieces are quite common nowadays, when it comes to coffee tables. Many of them come with specially crafted built in storage options. And, you can store anything right from books to your household utilities in such kind of coffee tables.

Whether you’re looking for something subtle, ornate or simply space-saving stuff, these stylish coffee tables are surely going to give you major decor goals.

  1. Sliding Coffee Tables

Well, you can now think of some generous storage space inside your coffee table. With the modern sliding tables with at least 4 to 8 compartments, this exclusive coffee table makes awesome decor stuff for your living room. It’s great for stashing your magazines, books, or odds and ends.

  1. Low-rise Tables with Crossed Legs

Simplicity speaks volumes when it comes to your coffee table. The wooden piece with square top and crossed legs looks incredibly stylish and a perfect match for your living room. A perfect minimalist in every possible way, this certainly makes an awesome statement piece in your living space. If placed on a multicolour living room rug, it effortlessly matches the decor.

  1. Scandinavian Coffee Table

Scandinavia is renowned for blending wood and white in seemingly-effortless pieces. If you are looking for some Bohemian vibe in your living space, opt for this awesome piece. This coffee table is no exception, with its low-lying surface and inbuilt compartments.

  1. Rectangular Set with Stylish Shelves

If you are tired of the bits and pieces cluttering your lounge, here’s an awesome piece for getting your clutters sorted. Coffee tables with inlets for ornaments and with a tempered glass top look simply an artistic masterpiece. According to a famous interior designer, he has used such rectangular pieces while designing some of the premium apartments in Bhowanipore Kolkata.

  1. Rectangular Coffee Tables with Wheels

This is indeed a stylish piece considering that you can move it wherever you want depending on the decor theme of your living space. A wooden rectangular piece instantly jazz up the interiors and make a wonderful storage space for your odds and ends. With accessory inlets and ever-so-handy wheels underneath, you can move it wherever you feel comfortable to have your coffee.

  1. Rectangular/Oval Swivel Table with Storage

This is certainly an eye candy in every possible way. A swivel table is a decor masterpiece and functional as well. Whether you opt for the oval or the rectangular one, there’s always a storage option available with them. You can get the things arranged inside it. But, what’s most attractive about these sassy tables is the three shelves arranged in a way that depict sophistication and classiness in every bit.

When it comes to coffee tables, choices are plenty. But, there’s a thing! Keep in mind that not all good things are good for you. Among these unique and magnificent designs, you have to choose the one that complements your decor theme as well as perk up the look and feel.