As homeowners we often think that small bathroom renovations do not require much time or effort. The remodelling works will be quicker, cost-effective and easy to handle. Well, it is wrong. A small bathroom has the same elements as a large bathroom. Yes, some money will be saved in the flooring but the amount of time and effort will be almost similar in both the cases. Small bathroom renovations require trained professionals, as there is less space to work on. You need brilliant décor ideas and skilled technicians to accomplish the project.

Efficient décor ideas and skilled technicians can raise your eyebrows by increasing the cost of renovation but there are still some ways to complete the renovation work cost effectively and quickly. Here we will discuss some tips and tricks to renovate your small bathroom cost-effectively;

Painting: If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then repainting your small bathroom will the most budget friendly way to give it a refurbished look. Although, you should always go for good quality paints which gives you a sating finish and some kind of ana antibacterial, antifungal coating in it. This will save your bathroom walls from any kinds of fungus. Always go for lighter shades, this will enable light to reflect on your walls and make it look bright.

Update the fittings: The bathroom fittings like faucets, taps and handrails get old-fashioned relatively quickly. They also take on water spots and rusts in due course of time. It is great cost-effective technique to change the fittings of your bathroom, in order to give it a revamped look. Also, do not forget to change the lights. Switching to new lights will increase the brightness of the space.

Refinish the toilet completely: Toilet designs do not change that often. If you live in a house which has been built in the 2000s; the design of toilet is pretty same compared to the present times. During bathroom renovations you can refinish the toilet with expert technicians. They have tools to bring back the shine in the ceramics in your old toilet. This will save a lot of your money compared to buying a completely new toilet.

So, these were some innovative ideas that you can try during your small bathroom renovations. It will bring the swag back in your bathroom but will not burn a hole in your pocket.